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Ladybug1 | 1 comments Hi, I have read this book once and cannot recall the name/author.

It's about a woman who lives with her mom and little brother. The mother is an alcoholic, and the heroine finds out she is sometimes abusive to her little brother. The heroine works super hard, and then there is a guy who moves in next door. He becomes friends with her brother and her, they fall in love. The neighbour guy has 2 good friends, who come over often.

After they fall in love, the girl and her brother move in with the guy downstairs, so she can still take care of her mother.

There was also something about how her dad's best friend (?) was in love with her mother but he moved to the US. She used to be close to him, and he comes over for a visit at some point.

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Kris | 34447 comments Mod
Ladybug1, that's a good start. Copy more plot details from your message #1 to the topic header/title, so someone can recognize your book from that description alone. Many members only read the headers. We have thousands of romance requests. -- I changed the genre to Adult (YA = teens, in this group).

Click the small "edit" link after the topic header. This only works on the full Desktop website - not the Mobile website or app. (On the Mobile website, there's a "Desktop version" link at the bottom of the page.)

-- Around what year did you read this book? A range of years is fine.
-- What's the location (country, region, well-known city, small town)?

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