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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments Joel walked into the Coffee shop. And walked up to the counter. "I'll have some herbal Hibiscus tea with honey, and a glazed one donut." She sat down and waited for her order. After a few minutes waitress arrived with her order. She stirred her tea and took a sip. "The forgot the honey" She said quietly. "It's just one ingredient, no body will even notice." Joel took a breath and softly started singing "Sugar, sugar" by the archies. Slowly, a floating golden blob formed over her tea.

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan walked by, his black hood pulled low over his face. He rolled his eyes at all the Renegade propaganda. "They act like they're everyone's saviors," he muttered. His blue eyes darted back and forth, scanning his surroundings. He touched the dagger he had with him, for in case something went wrong. Not all prodigies wanted to show off their powers, and Evan definitely did not want a bunch of Renegades following him everywhere.
When most people first saw Evan's face, they would either stare or run away. The veins of shadows on his cheeks made his skin look extremely pale and ghostly.
Evan leaned on a nearby wall, simply watching everything carefully.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) Cate watched the man, knowing he was taking everything in. She picked up her coffee (black) and held it as she started walking. She took in every detail of him, storing it for later, and made sure not to stare. His eyes were haughty, meaning that he knew people thought he was interesting and expected them to stare, which is why Cate tried to do the exact opposite. If she could talk to him, then she could figure out who he was, and if he had a power. She nimbly flicked a butterfly knife into her palm, ready to be used in case he was an enemy. Magic, though preferable, was the last resort, because you never knew who could be watching. Cate started walking towards him.

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Abby | 25 comments Lilliana walked into the coffee shop and ordered a tea before sitting down at a table in the corner facing the door.

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan watched the girl out of the corner of his eye. Ugh, probably another bothersome Renegade sticking their nose where it doesn't belong, he thought with a sneer.

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments Joel's eyes were drawn to a renegades poster on the wall. If they were in here they probably saw me form the honey. Maybe if I act natural they won't notice me. But her eyes moved to the strange man. Could he be a renegade?

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Abby | 25 comments Lilliana watched the other people in the shop with a mixture if curiosity and nervousness. She disliked being around other people as a human, but she was thirsty and the coffee shop was warm.

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments As she scanned the coffee shop she noticed a girl in the corner. From the look on her face she appeared to be calm but wasn't trying hard enough to not let fear show. Since she had nothing else to do she walked over to the corner table.

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Abby | 25 comments Lilliana looked at the girl heading her way.

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments "Hi, you looked kinda lonely here in the corner and I thought you needed some company. Oh, I'm Joel by the way." She said extending her hand

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Abby | 25 comments "My name's Lilly. I'm just not used to being around people to much." Lilliana told her as she shook her hand.

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments "Neither am I." Joel admitted. "But have you noticed some of the people here are a little shady?"

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Abby | 25 comments "Everyone has secrets in this city. We do what we must to survive." Lilliana said.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) Cate walked over to the boy. She sneered.
"Renegades. They think they're better than everyone else, don't they?" She looked at his face, trying to extract his feelings. It was difficult, as he was skilled in the art of the swaggering poker face.

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments "That's true but it seems like there is more secrets in this shop than I would like." Joel replied (to Lilliana)

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan raised an eyebrow at her. His gaze flicked to the rest of the people there, most likely prodigies. He kept his hood up, shrouding his face in shadow.
He looked back at Cate, saying nothing, only looking at her with mild interest.

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Abby | 25 comments "Secrets don't bother me very much. I would much rather remain in the shadows." Lilliana told her.

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments "I don't blame you, for wanting to be alone............" her voice trailed off turning her head toward the strangers talking. "This guy might not get his wish"

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) "Did you see that girl?" Cate glanced in Joel's direction. "She made a glob of honey for her tea. Why not ask for more from the cafe? The stuck up snob." Cate narrowed her eyes. "I would hope you wouldn't be a prodigy like them?"

kennedy [mackenzie] Of course I saw her, what do you think I was doing, sleepwalking? Evan wanted to say, but remained quiet.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) "Not a talker, are you. Smart, in times like these." Cate was having a hard time getting a read on him. She mentally checked her files for any anarchists looking like him, and came across one, with only a picture and his first name. The rest was classified. Cate had snuck into their HQ and gotten a couple, but not much. Anyways, his name was Evan.

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan rolled his eyes. This girl was seriously getting on his nerves.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) Cate watched this sign of annoyance. If she was annoying him, then good. He could either lead her somewhere important or divulge useful information to get rid of her.
"So," she started. "I think I know you. Evan, right? And I thought that there was something . . . no. That's absurd." Cate smirked. "I thought you were a prodigy too."

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan's fingers twitched, just a small movement.
How does she know? he thought. Ugh, whatever. She seems like she wants something. Well, whatever it is, if she wants it, she should go bug someone else. I'm not telling her anything.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) Cate watched the small movement, and knew she had hit her mark. Interesting. She could also tell that he would tell her about as much as a block of stone. Cate, having had her fun and knowing that she would be able to tell the Renegades about Evan now, decided to show her hand. Just a little bit. She held up a ball of fire, hot enough to be straight blue.
"You're not the only one who can bluff."

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments Joel saw them casting looks in her direction. Quickly she came up with an excuse. "Sorry but I have to go, I got to wash my fish, he gets really cranky if I don't. Uh, nice to meet you." Joel started to get up from the table. But then saw fire coming out of the girls hands. "On second thought, my fish is fine." and sat back down to watch.

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan watched the fire, his face calm. If that girl tried to use it on him... well, it probably wouldn't happen. He met her eye. "Am I supposed to be impressed?" he asked, his voice even.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) "I'm not sure. But from the way you hide in the shadows, I'm guessing you have some affinity for them."
She quickly made a much smaller, cooler ball of fire and chucked it at him. She knew that his quickest defense aginst her magic would be his magic, and she was curious to what it was.

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan put up his hands and wrapped the fire in shadows, extinguishing it, right before it made contact.
Evan pulled the shadows away from his face, leaving only the black streaks that never disappeared. His hood still hid most of his face, but without the shadows it was much easier to identify him.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) “Shadows. Fun.” Cate smiled. She threw a gust of wind at him. “Got anything else?”

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments "Should we do anything, or should we see how this ends." Joel asked Lilliana

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan glared at Cate, crossing his arms. He had already shown much more than he had wanted to.

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Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) Cate smiled sweetly.

kennedy [mackenzie] "Great, you know what my power is. Good for you," Evan said sarcastically. Typical Renegades. Always showing off. He pushed off the wall, tugging his hood down.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) "You think I'm a Renegade, don't you?" Cate winked. "You so sure about that?"

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments Joel got up and asked the man with the hood. "Are you a renegade?" her arms crossed

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) Cate's knife stll in her palm, she realized it was just Joel.

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan looked at Joel, not answering.

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments "I guess you are an Anarchist then."

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) "Who are you?" She asked Joel, but knowing that Joel knew she was bluffing.

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Charlene  Turner: KINGDOM KEEPER | 40 comments "A human. And from what I can tell you guys are are no ordinary people."

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan muttered, too quietly for the other two to hear, "If you're not a Renegade, you're an Anarchist. Because if you don't join them, clearly you're against them." He adjusted his gloves.

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) "Well, you're clearly a prodigy," She said to Joel. "And Evan, why can't you be both?"
She changed her stance, ready for if a fight if one broke out.

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Abby | 25 comments While all the attention was on the others in the room Lilliana shifted into a moth and sat on the wall watching what was going on.

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Adrian walked in with a hood on, hoping no one would recognize him.

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Abby | 25 comments Lilliana watched the new person from her perch on the wall with interest.

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Adrian got a coffee and sat alone at a table

kennedy [mackenzie] Evan just shook his head and began walking away.

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Abby | 25 comments Lilliana flew closer to the new person trying to avoid being noticed. She really didn't want dodge people trying to kill a moth.

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