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message 1: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
We’re rebooting this beautiful ship

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod

message 3: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
It’s a great ship <3 I don’t remember what fc I used :’( should I pick a new one?

message 4: by ʀᴇᴅ (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
omg yeah thats fine!!!! imma stick with francisco <3 might remake a little character sheet though

message 5: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
What if I used Zendaya?

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
okay i LOVE HER. also def changing fcs now. something NEW and FRESH and with more gifs lol

message 7: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
I’m SO excited eeeep!!

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
okay ideas

timothee chalamet

[image error]
noah centineo

jacob elordi

francisco lachowski

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Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod

message 10: by ʀᴇᴅ (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
yesssir! i also love him so im very down

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
leena i’m begging you can we PLEASE resurrect

message 12: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
YES and can he be timothee?

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod

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Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod

message 15: by ʀᴇᴅ (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
fanatastic >:)
are we still doing the same overall idea???

message 16: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
It’s up to you, what did you have in mind?

message 17: by ʀᴇᴅ (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
we can do a similar idea? like she is betrothed/courting his brother but they obviously fall for each other and it’s complicated

message 18: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
Sounds absolutely mortifying. Let’s do it.

message 19: by ʀᴇᴅ (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
YES. ok so let’s establish time frame. do you wanna do royalty or like? just high standing families but they’re all normal ? causal stuff

message 20: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
Ohhhh so like we could do it in the present >.>

message 21: by ʀᴇᴅ (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
we could!!! what do you think would be more fun/agonizing

message 22: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
I think it would be an interesting take to have it in the modern world, with Instagram, and Twitter XD Lets do it! Royal family still? Or no?

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
omg that would be TOTALLY funny
i say we do royalty or *plottwist/modern twist* he could be a celebrity? maybe like the child of celebs and also one himself but he is super followed by the media and such so they have to try and be secretive? I'm trying to think of what would be the part of the plot that makes them being together harder tho, like in the original plot she was betrothed to his brother but what could we do in this idea?

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Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
OOo yes. I like it. Hmm maybe he's an influencer for a rival company? OR she's been promised to another? They could have a backwards plot, like her parents set up her marriage before she was born?? and then moved to America, so like she's stuck with this guy to marry who she has NEVER met or talked to. She's so scared, and doesn't want to lose her life in L.A. or NY? whichever you choose. Her parents tell her that she can have this next year to get her life wrapped up, but then she's to be shipped off to marry this random dude, or be shunned from her family? Her family is SO important to her, but their traditions are not hers? Like she was raised in America and doesn't feel the connection to THEIR culture that they'd like her to, and wants to continue her career. Then this dude walks into her life, some rival influencer/celebrity. (We can do enemies to lovers maybe!) and she's like wtf is this. I don't need any distractions, my life is havoc as it is. She's struggling to keep her footing in both worlds and its falling apart >.> idk dude I just started rambling.

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
ooo i like this for real. rival sounds great. down for enemies to lovers. concept: her family's company. and the rival company, is his parents. he models for them, etc. they can be at some large social event when they really meet. def have seen each other a million times but haven't formally met yet. for zane the enemies thing is more like, he just views her negatively bc parents. doesn't actually hate her or anything. and obvi we have to have something happened where they accidentally get photographed together and its this great big deal. keep rambling lee i like this!!!! i want the angst!! they only have a year the panic is SETTLING IN LETS DO IT

message 26: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
YES, lets do this. Okay so rival companies, her parents are actually like really uptight, can come off as insulting, but like they don't mean to? And she's always facepalming because, parents. Yeah. Haha. Maybe they end up at a party somewhere?? Like a house that's a mutual friend, and they end up actually loosening up some and she's helping him into a car, or he's helping her into a car, and they get overwhelmed by paparazzi? and she's like fuuuuuuuuuuck. And then says well we're going to be tomorrows headlines anyway, and gets in the car too XD

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
oh my gOD Zane can def be the one to make this decision BUT AT THE SAME TIME OK CAN THE SCENE BE LIKE :
he helps her get to the car
paps come
ren is like oh shi my parents
zane laughs and is like bruh i cant even run away they're everywhere
him "well if they didn't get a good shot u def just gave them something to look at"
maybe he can have - pause no even better
hallooween party! so he might have a disgue and the like
trending on twitter is everyone being like WHO IS HER MYSTERY MAN
stop I'm losing my mind over this.

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
thats just a concept but!!! what u think

message 29: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS omg yes please? LIKE THEY DRESS UP AND HAPPEN TO COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER? So it even more looks like they came together and then, because of Renesme's rushed thinking, she makes it look like they planned on leaving together too!? Omgsh I can't wait to write that, honestly. Its going to be a blast, maybe a paparazzi tries to follow Zane into the car and she kicks him n the face and is like OOPS, and then she tells Zane to close the door as he's falling in on top of her >.> omg. I love this so much. I can see Zane just being insanely goofy in the moment but when the car darkens and he's basically on top of her, their eyes meet and they almost kiss? Or DO kiss? but like its so unexpected.

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
THEY KISS OR MAYBE THEY DONT BECAUSE I KNOW MAKING THEM WAIT MAKES IT ALL THE MORE BETTER WHEN THEY DO BUT ALSO IDKKK ugh we can figure that out. anyways that's really freakign great. love this all, want to start, like immediately/
i got a bunch of free time tonight if you wanna do more planning or ? idk we can work on their overall more modern character types and maybe even get a starter post? idk if ur busy, lmk what you wanna do planning wise, and we can go from there? down to discuss more of the dynamics of their relationship or the world they're in or whatever

message 31: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
I can do a post, yes lets talk this out and maybe do our first posts??? Like we can write our character outlines as we go >.> cuz that's going to take some time to revamp her whole character sheet

Ooo I've been loving the slow burn, so yes we can do that, maybe she sucks in a gasp at their closeness and is like "so do you like cheese?" and then hurries onto her side of the car? lol idk how he'd react to that lol. She can pretend to be scrolling twitter or something, and then starts freaking out about the posts that already going viral and she's yelling and almost crying, then laughing, then she's like wtf is wrong with me? (Gives me tangled vibes when she's running away from home XD)

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
DO YOU LIKE CHEESE. I JUST CACKLED OUT LOUD. stop i love this. the best part is only certain people (i.e. their friends from the party) can prob tell its him so as the car ride goes he can get texts like "whatre u doing" hm or maybe not, i kinda like the big big secret. omg it can be nice for him cause he's so used to everything about him being so out in the open and having a secret is like, exciting and new. also i still cant decide between LA and NYC if I'm being honest. i keep picturing NYC tho, so maybe I'm leaning more towards there (the crowded streets and penthouse views idk it screams riches)

big fan of the slow burn, down for that 10/10. also yes the character revamp will take ages, but we can for sure get some ground work done for sure.

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Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
Haha I was hoping to make you grin :P Omg yeah true, I'm down for them getting texts from maybe their mutual friend? Or a couple of people, or something? Renesme will be totally freaking out and trying to figure out how to keep the news from reaching her parents, and she keeps side-eyeing him lol like wtf, you did this. YES I love NYC, (Mostly GG makes me love NYC not gonna lie) but the penthouses and all the finery, yes lets do it. She's going to be like 'Get out, get out now, you can walk from here' at some point on the way home lol, but then she feels bad and grabs him by the sleeve and says 'no I didn't mean get out, I just meant, oh forget it. just get in here' and hauls him back in lol.

YES, slowburn. Lets do it. I'm so excited.

message 34: by ʀᴇᴅ (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
zane is chuck bass but better even tho chucky is perfect
texts are good, I'm down foooor sure. also while shes side eyeing him he's side eyeing HER like why did u pull me in here it made the whole thing even worse. omg wait lets say he's wearing something from her parents company? so then he's like 'tell ur parents is a publicity stunt, to sell the ____' like he tries to help her come up with some sort of story? or maybe he's wearing something from their mutual friends line of _____ and its a stunt/favor for that? idk but he def wants to help her lessen the blow cause he def gets the whole parent thing.

10/10 she says get out and at the red light he opens the door and is about to slide out like ok and tHE SLEEVE PULL. HE SLIDES CLOSER TO HER. "okay. I'll stay." rip. I'm using timothee btw right

message 35: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
Chuck will always be bae

OMG yeah he should totally be wearing her parents brand :O She'll be like dumbass, but then be keen to the idea and start forming a plan, and say something like 'good thinking, but you're still on my shit list' or something lol. And she begins typing this loooooooong ass text to her publicity agent and her parents and he can be like wtf are you doing right now? You're drunk.

YESSSSSSS she'll be able to smell his cologne and wants to get closer but at the same time she's like no I can't do that, he's the enemy. Maybe she falls asleep on his shoulder before she gets home?!

Use whoever you want <3 I'm definitely using Zendaya tho, if that's okay?

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
if you. use zendaya. i. have to use tom holland. there is just. no one can compare.

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message 38: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
YES LOVE IT, we can definitely do that, he's adorbs!

message 39: by ʀᴇᴅ (last edited Jan 13, 2022 06:49PM) (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
anyways uh yes, he will def move her paragraph to her notes app and be like type this here. so she still has it but doesn't send it.
10/10 she falls asleep and during a sharp turn is going to fall over so he puts his arm around her to hold her in place. the gentle shake when they get there. THE WHISPER HES GOING TO HAVE TO DO.

also yes, he offers to walk her inside. YUP. I SAID IT.

brb googling celebs with zendaya cause i need this to be perfect.

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Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
YES, he can save her sloppy messages so that she can put them together better later. Maybe in the morning she remembers that and goes to look at what she wrote, then gets on Instagram and messages him?! Like 'Hey thanks for keeping me from being a dumbass and sending that junk I wrote. I mean there's some good stuff in here from ummmmmmmm you, and yeah me. But it certainly needs to be better. Also did you walk me in last night? Or did I dream that?' And she can be like surprised he didn't try to stay the night, and she has some respect for him for the first time.

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he def walks her in and helps her to bed and ensures her phone is plugged in and tucks her in and then locks the door on his way out AND THEN IN MODERN FASHION FOLLOWS HER ON INSTAGRAM LIKE THREE HOURS LATER but don't worry the stalkers wont think its sus cause shes prob trending on a Kylie Jenner type photo and gaining followers by the minutes. he is quite pleased she slides into the dms btw. i am in love btw, sold me on tom. are we keeping their names the same??? what we thinking?? i lowkey might not be feeling the name zane on toms face

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Um following her three hours later?? Tucking her in? Oh my heart! Yes to all of it! She’ll definitely follow back… eventually. She’ll have an internal war with herself on how much time she should wait before following back lol. Also she will threaten his life if he ever screenshots their conversations. >_> she’s going to be sassy as hell.

We can redo names!

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
SICK ok my ideas
- charles "charlie"
- jackson "jack"
- theodore "teddy" or "theo"

he def doesn't follow her anywhere else cause then everyone will figure it out but she def is in his search history LMAO. they can have a secret lunch the following day and he brings advil in his pocket "do u have a hangover" NO EVEN BETTER HE BRINGS HER LUNCH. ASKS WHAT SHE WANTS. STOP this is gr8 cause online/magazines he seems like a total drag and simple guy but he sits with her and just jokes and is the kindest soul <3 i lovee this so much.

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Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
Theo or teddy oh my goodness these names just make me melt!!!

:0 him bringing her lunch and Advil is everything! Like she’ll be thinking “maybe he isn’t a twit after all” her mind will be trying to clear from the hangover and she’ll be trying to really figure him out. But at a loss because she’s hungover and dazed by his presence XD she’ll be like damn he’s a cute cinnamon roll and start talking to him lol. Also maybe she’s been trolling his twitter and followed him under an alias that no one knows?! So like he tweets something and a notification pops on her screen with his name?? And he’s like wait… why’s my handle on your twitter notifs?

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod

Theodore Shonda @TShonda had posted a new tweet!

the best part is his tweet is an indirect at her or about her bruh. he's gonna subtweet about her all the time now and i am going to LIVE for it. but he def has a friend in the music industry and he tweets lyrics ALL the time so everyone is like ? just lyrics or real life? and they'll never know but he knows and she knows

10/10 brings her a hangover burger btw. and those liquid iv water packs. he is a king. a sheep in wolves clothing if u will. also all while this is happening he's like 'why does my family hate u and ur fam ur literally an angel sent from above??'

message 47: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
Yeah I thought the burner account on Twitter would make good drama XD He'll find out that she's been liking all of his posts and even commenting regularly. OMGSH THAT WILL BE SO FREAKING CUTE, she'll be all happy that he tweets for her and no one else knows, it'll make her blush and feel special :P

Omgsh yessssssssss, she'll appreciate him so much! She's never had anyone take care of her like that, so like she's kind of wondering what's happening at first, then her heart melts and she hates him a little less with each kind gesture? He'll definitely be melting her walls fast. Also should we say she has her own penthouse? Like she doesn't live with her parents?

message 48: by ʀᴇᴅ (last edited Jan 14, 2022 06:05AM) (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
yes yes big fan, i like this a lot and he is def still a princely kinda guy just without the royalty

him being really good at taking care of others causeee hmmm oou plot twist his mom was terribly sick when she was younger?? maybe she was like, literally about lose it all to cancer then miraculously healed? oof but while she was super sick she reminded him to look good for the company image and ever since then he's felt big pressure to be this one specific person for the family/company and yeah it wasn't her deathbed wish or was it... omg if she died that be dramatic and maybe more interesting...... hm ok i think she did die. but he took lots of care for her and basically is the reason he is the way he is. maybe she warned him of how terrible everyone in the world was and he couldn't be kind like this to others because they would all abuse his kindness. obviously its not the same with her tho.

and that works! how old are we thinking btw?

message 49: by Leena, Cute and fluffy (new)

Leena (leena23) | 1073 comments Mod
Omgsh poor Theo(Teddy, which do you prefer?)
When (Aspen? Maybe?) learns of his history she's going to feel for him SO much and be like 'babe you've been through hellll we're getting you a puppy' and she'll be really protective and stuff :P I love that his mom was so protective though, like she could see that her little boys heart was so big and just wanted to protect him?? LOVE THAT FOR HIM

Ummmmmmmmmmm 19?

message 50: by ʀᴇᴅ (new)

ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 50 comments Mod
i think teddy but i will def write out theodore and theo as well for sureeee.
no yes like his mom could see that his heart was three times the size of everyone else and was like "i wont be here to protect u so u gotta keep this a secret ok" and he was like ok :( stop i sad now

19 works!! i can see him being like, kinda not close to his dad either so he's a loner type, enter the penthouse with dark features <3

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