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Seeds of the Dead: Genetically Modified Zombies! (A tale of a deadly viral outbreak in our bioengineered food.)
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Andy Kumpon (andykumpon) | 3 comments Seeds of the Dead:
Seeds of the Dead (Genetically Modified Zombies! A tale of a deadly viral outbreak in our bioengineered food.) by Andy Kumpon
Andy Kumpon

When his evil superiors create a new strain of genetically modified food (GMO) that transforms ordinary people into ravenous, bloodthirsty zombies, a disillusioned scientist turns whistleblower and becomes their next target!

A little self promotion.... Seeds of the Dead is a project I have been working on for years. I wanted to always do a zombie apocalypse type story, and I wanted to tie-it with our food supply and figured a bioengineering conglomerate like Monsanto and GMO (awesome villains) as the source of the virus would be a great diving off point. It's a mix of survival horror, action, and gallows humor. Hope you all enjoy it!

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Netanella | 2108 comments Looks "yummy"! Thanks!

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Andy Kumpon (andykumpon) | 3 comments Anytime, Netanella! Hope you enjoy! :)

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Brian White (brian_p_white) | 5 comments GMOs, huh? Nice. I hope lots of people read your book and it inspires them to give more care to what they eat.

I was considering GMOs as the source of my zombie plague, but now that you've done it I'm going to have to get creative. Good job!

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Andy Kumpon (andykumpon) | 3 comments Thanks Brian! It's an interesting topic for sure! And they make great villains! ;)

Thanks for the support!


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