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message 1: by Jamila (new)

Jamila A Stone (authorjstone) | 2 comments ARC of Darkness Awaits available in a pdf, epub, or mobi file for your review.

I am looking for ARC reviewers for my upcoming publication Darkness Awaits. It will be available for pre order Nov 9, 2020 and released/on sale April 2021. Darkness Awaits is a Contemporary Fantasy/Urban Fantasy novel.

Darkness Awaits is the sequel to Strange Things Await. Because the book is part of a series(The Virtus Academy) I will supply either a free copy of the first book as well if requested or an outline of book one giving the important facts so you can better review the sequel.

Please be sure to have your review ready for the pre order release date Nov 9, 2020

Find further book details below.

POC characters|Queer characters|Sexual Content|Deaf representation|Some strong violence|Sensitive content|Some Drug Use|

Unexpected secrets stand to change two witches’ lives forever...

Having narrowly survived their last semester, Natalie King and Alexandra Aurelius are prepared to revel in victory...but junior year is promising to be anything but peaceful!

With her mother in prison, Alex struggles against enemy attacks from her own family. Finding solace in Nat’s support and the arms of her new girlfriend, Rachel, Alex pushes through the pain as best she can; but darkness is creeping in from every direction, and even the fiercest of friendships can fall victim to dark influences.

As the two witches cautiously navigate their renewed friendship and new relationships, shadowy souls push their way into Nat and Alex’s lives. Now, more than ever, the witches must stick together and protect their loved ones.

But as human and supernatural government relations are stretched to breaking point, a very personal bombshell is about to shatter Alex’s world forever.

Can she rely on Nat to see her through again?

Or will even their united powers prove too weak for the forces that are determined to destroy them?

In the much-anticipated sequel to Strange Things Await, Jamila A. Stone delivers devilish thrills and a dizzying spin on contemporary fantasy writing. One thing is clear: where mystic and mortal subcultures meld, the pages turn themselves.

message 2: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Bannister (mommybannister) | 22 comments I'm Interested in reviewing the book what format do you have

message 3: by Jamila (new)

Jamila A Stone (authorjstone) | 2 comments epub, pdf, mobi

message 4: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Bannister (mommybannister) | 22 comments Epub

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