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Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I say we should read 2 chapters a day.

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That sounds goo but I have to get to where you are.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments That's fine. I'll re-read those chapters again

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I just finished chapter two, that is how far we are reading, right? And wooow!

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments Yes. Today we'll read 3 and 4. I'm almost done with chapter 3.

shea Oooh! Sorry, I’m not a part of this buddy read, but this is on my TBR. I hope you guys like it!!

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Thanks! Three and four sound good for today.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments Okay, but during the weekend, I won't be able to listen very much.

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Okay, that’s fine.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments WHAT JUST HAPPENED?
I finished chapter 3 lol

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I just finished chapter 3. A lot has happened so far.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I know. I'm in class right now and I can't begin chapter 4 :(

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😕Too bad. You are listening to the audiobook, right?

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments Yeah, it's so good. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy this

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Neither did I. It is a very good book. It kinda makes me want to cry.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I know. I was surprised at how close to current events it would be. The writing is good so far and I'm really loving it

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Me too, It definitely fits with current events.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I'm still in class and I can't listen to it :(

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments Have you finished the chapters yet?

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I'm crying. The tears are just pouring out.

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Yeah, I finished them a while ago, and I know. 😭

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I'm listening to chapter 5 already.
My parents nearly busted me for not doing my homework

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Your parents nearly _____?
Also, okay.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments Nearly killed me. if they knew, I would not be here

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Oh. Wow 😬

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I know. This has been one long day.

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That’s not good. My day has been pretty fine, I’ve read a lot, done some laundry, and have had my brother angry with me all day. But I’m used to that. I have even more to read today.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments Well, right now I'm listening to Shane Koyczan. He does spoken word poetry and I love him so much.
I highly suggest listening to Instructions for a Bad Day or To This Day.

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Hmm, maybe I’ll check it out at some point.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments Please do. I've always written poetry, but he changed my view on spoken word poetry

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Hayden, I finished chapters 5 and 6 for today!

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I'm halfway through 5. I'll get done with it soon

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Okay 👍

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I finished chapter 5.

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This book is sad, very good but sad

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I know. This book is literally amazing. I would buy a copy of this book if my parents would let me. I am in love

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I’m done with today’s two chapters.

Hayden (thewiltedpetal) | 730 comments I listened to chapter 7 last night. I will try to listen to 8 today.

I won't be able to do it tomorrow because I won't have access to my laptop.

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Okay, that’s fine

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