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message 1: by Michael (new) - added it

Michael Cordell | 1 comments I actually have two issues here. At one point when I searched for my novel "Contempt: A Legal Thriller" (or just "Contempt"), there were two versions, one with reviews and one without. I tried combining them into one novel, but wasn't successful. But now when I search for the novel by name, it doesn't appear in the search at all by title. It does when I search by my name, but not when I search for the name of my book. So I basically have two pleas for help: I'd like to get my book to appear when searching by title, and if there are two versions of the novel, I'd like to have them combined so that they show the reviews. Thanks for your help! Michael Cordell

message 2: by Elvenn (new)

Elvenn | 2713 comments I've moved the paperback edition of your book to your profile. It was in the default "Michael Cordell" profile (with one space between the name and the surname), where all the books written by authors with your same name land when added to the data base. I moved it to "Michael Cordell" with two spaces.

I didn't have any problems looking for your book. The problem is that the word Contempt is in many titles (I'm being shown 417) and the search results seem to show the more popular works, that is, those added by more users, first. Right now your book appears in the second page of results (out of 21 pages) but that should change as more users add it to their shelves.

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