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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Illustrated Children's Poem anthology about monsters, feat. poem called The Gurgles(?)

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message 1: by Simoné (new)

Simoné Eloff | 2 comments This is an illustrated children's book of poems about cutesy monsters (at least in part), and the only poem I can clearly remember is one called something like "The Gurgles", which is about the supposed monsters that live in a home's pipes and make the gurgling noise when the bathtub empties. I read the book around 1999-2004, although it was likely published before that.

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35129 comments Mod
Simoné, can you describe the illustrations - e.g., simple or detailed, realistic or cartoon-like, painted watercolors or bold graphics, bright or dark colors, black & white? Do they remind you of a similar illustrator or picture book author?

message 3: by Simoné (new)

Simoné Eloff | 2 comments The illustrations were colourful and realistic, and they were quite detailed, although in an older-type style (something like The Magic School Bus, in a way). I'm having a lot of trouble picturing the cover, and I can't remember any of the other poems or pages at all, but I remember an illustration of a bathtub and a bathroom. The problem is, though, that while I can remember that particular poem quite well and clearly picture what it was about, I'm not sure if I'm actually picturing the illustrations or just remembering the poem the way I pictured it in my imagination back then. I'm picturing a cross-section of the wall behind the bathtub, with the Gurgle monsters pictured sitting in the pipes, but who knows if that's an actual image from the book or not. Really hoping all of this will jog someone's memory!

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