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message 1: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Michael (dreamersalexander) | 27 comments Hi everyone. I'm looking for 1 to 2 beta readers for my stand alone novel. I know it's a large size, but hopefully a beta reader could even point out any story threads that could be deleted. I can't manage to make it any shorter. If you're interested, please let me know and we can exchange email addresses:

The stage is set: A sleepy hinterland town. Families about the business of day-to-day life. A young child, abducted from its streets.

There is a secret in the hills, where those brave enough may cross a border ill-defined. Seventeen-year-olds Adam and Merryn discover this secret in the form of an abandoned mansion, the site of a tragedy long forgotten. In its heart is a room with the ability to turn imagination physical. As they uncover this mystery, more children vanish. Adam’s father Joshua – steeped in a mid-life crisis – vows to take matters into his own hands, to search for the missing children and bring them home.

But a mysterious wanderer has returned to the town for the first time in a decade. He tasks Adam and Merryn with protecting the miracle in the hills from a force he fears will soon arrive: a sworn enemy with a bloody vendetta, a woman with enough hatred to raise the town to the ground. Secret societies, odd travellers, and creatures straight from nightmares are drawn to the mansion, all hungering for what it contains: a door to a vista somewhere far beyond.

A pilgrimage begins, a crash course that delivers these adventurers from Australian forests to Italian vineyards; from the manors of Los Angeles to mountain ranges so vast as to be called stairways to Heaven. A host of miraculous and horrifying characters trace the lines of revelation further beyond still, to a secret all of humanity longs for.

Welcome to the Theatre - the Great Drama, the Backstage World - where the mundane and the miraculous coincide. Raise the curtain. Find your own revelation.

message 2: by Nelly (new)

Nelly (indiecate) | 7 comments Hi there, Alexander. You've posted in the wrong folder. : )
This is for beta readers offering services, not the other way around.

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