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Hey Aoife!

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Hi Bianca

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So, How has your day been so far?

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Okay I guess, what about yours? I wish I could actually use my powers to get something done. How was your day? I should probably be going to sleep soon, ugh.

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It's been good. And I really need to me auto control mine. it gets out of control a lot.

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Hello everyone!

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Ashi✿TheAvidReader I shouldn't say this...But I'm tiny bit glad to hear I'm not the only one who sucks at controlling her superpowers...But then, that's why we are here, right?

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I guess so, I’m pretty good at controlling my powers but I don’t really get to use them, sometimes I accidentally make something happen

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Yep . I caused my teacher to cry in class one day. not a pretty scene

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One time I was at another school and got counted absent tree day's in a row because of nervous fading. My parents were very upset.

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That seems very annoying.

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it is. XD

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(( how does this work? I am still confused ))

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