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The Cookbook & Guide For Your Probationary Firefighters & First Responders
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Michael Fields | 2 comments Please check it out! If anyones interested in leaving a review let mw know and ill send you a manuscript if you dont mind leaving me a good review!

Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) | 53 comments Mod
"If you don't mind leaving me a good review"? The tone of the review would depend on the quality of the book. If you asked for an honest review, that's one thing. But you can't just ask for a "good review."

Michael Fields | 2 comments I truly didn't mean for it be said in that way i also posted another post in New books and I requested honest genuine reviews, hoping anyone that leads a review will read it in full and write a review based on how the message is portrayed. I would like people who want to read it, to read it. I dont want someone who just wants to screw people over to read my book and leave me a bad review because that's not the type of book that was right for them, this is my first book and I know im not a perfect author. I want people to read my book that are interested in reading it, and want to read a different type of book thats not just a normal cookbook. Thank you for your comment. if you personally would like to review my book send me your email and I dont mind sending you a manuscript to review. but I ask you to put yourself in any probationary first responders shoes while reading this book. thank you hope yo hear from you Orinoco Womble

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