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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Magical Realism. Homeless women who can speak to objects helps a man deal with his troubled magical past

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Tori | 1 comments I read this book somewhere between 2016-2019, but I believe it was not a new book at that time. I call it magical realism for lack of a better term, but this book was extremely genre-bending. It took place in the "real" world, but involved characters doing magic, and (maybe??) ghosts, if I remember right.
One of the things I remember most clearly is how unique its protagonist was. She used she/her pronouns, but was very androgynous and didn't really feel gender. She was homeless, and had the ability to talk to inanimate objects. I think she may also have been a survivor of childhood sex abuse?
I remember the plot being very slow-moving and oddly paced. It involved her helping a dude she met in a graveyard figure out his past. He had magic too, I think, in a vaguely defined way that I don't remember. He was also friends with a house? The house might have been a little boy ghost possessing the house, or maybe it was just a sentient house. The plot also spent some time at the dude's sisters house (I think), and some magic thing happened there. The magic in the scenes with the sister was like a tangible thing the characters interacted with, i think it was associated with Gold, and it came to life I think?
I feel like I remember this book having a yellow cover, although I'm not sure. I think it was also the first in a series, or at least the first of several books featuring the same characters.
I'd love to find and read this story again, and maybe pick up the rest of them if it is a series. I feel like I didn't describe it super well, but thats because it kinda defied description in a way that I remember enjoying.

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Cupcakedoll | 274 comments A Red Heart of Memories (Red Heart of Memories, #1) by Nina Kiriki Hoffman If it isn't this one, it's another by the same author.

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