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message 1: by Freso (new)

Freso | 100 comments Kulturgrammatik currently has the wrong cover. I scanned my current copy (checked out from my local library) of this:

That the current one is wrong and mine is not can additionally be verified against (Swedish library system) and also by searching for its ISBN (9789170053313) and looking at the results.

message 2: by Albert (new)

Albert | 2407 comments An alternative cover edition (ACE) has been created. See the link below:

message 3: by Freso (new)

Freso | 100 comments So there is some verification that the current cover isn’t for another edition? Because the text on the current cover is in Danish, while the book entry has its language set to Swedish (I’m fluent in both languages)., a Danish book stores, gives a separate ISBN (9788716122889) for a book with a matching cover:

message 4: by Freso (new)

Freso | 100 comments Additionally, Kulturgrammatik has a wrong publication date. It was published in 2007. There is a newer edition from 2010, which is more likely to be the one getting republished (if not a new edition).

From what I can gather, I really think the correct approach here would have been to remove the existing cover and replace it with my scan (or equivalent from some other source).

I guess the best current approach would be to merge Kulturgrammatik into Kulturgrammatik (and then fix cover? Not 100% sure how merges work here).

Additionally, while someone’s poking at it, maybe remove the "(Cultural Grammar)" and add the subtitle (printed on front cover) "hur du ökar din förmåga att umgås över gränserna".

message 5: by Freso (new)

Freso | 100 comments Bump

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