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The Girl Who Fell
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Romance/Thriller. About a girl who plays lacrosse I think, she meets a guy who becomes obsessed with her. Spoilers ahead. Read around 2017. [s]

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Dulce | 9 comments I remember the girl is a senior in high school in the story, played a sport and I think it was lacrosse. Her friend is like a photographer. Anyways a new guy moves to the school and she begins seeing him. I think her ex-boyfriend plays hockey and the new guy joins the team too. There's also a subplot about her mom and dad having issues because he left a few months before the story takes place. The guy becomes pretty controlling and obsessive with her, even manipulating her into changing the college she was applying to for him. He would tell her he had a dream of becoming a chef but that his parents were forcing him to take over their company. The book begins with the girl in her house explaining how the electricity was out and that he had cut the cords to it. Which is a scene that we return to again later in the book. I also remember that towards the end she catches him cheating on her which is when he gets even more controlling. At the end when it returns to the scene of him trying to get into her house her dad ends up coming home as he is like killing her. I think she tries to like run out but he chases after her and then she kills him or like just hurts him, I cannot quite remember.

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Rainbowheart | 19036 comments Might want to check the YA Dating Violence list.

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In this she plays field hockey, not lacrosse, but maybe The Girl Who Fell

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Dulce | 9 comments Yes this is it! Thank you :)

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