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message 1: by Greg (new)

Greg Hickey | 3 comments Are you a science fiction author looking to grow your audience?

Join me for a group book giveaway!

We will all pitch in one of our books and share the giveaway with our readers. I will set up the giveaway to collect email addresses so that we can all add interested readers to our email lists.

Reply to this thread, send me a direct message or email me at greghickey5[at]gmail[dot]com if interested. Feel free to reply even if you're not a sci-fi author. I'll try to match you with other authors in your genre.

message 2: by Allen (new)

Allen Fleishman (allen-fleishman) | 4 comments Author’s name: Allen Fleishman
Book title: The First AI Cyborg: The Infinite when it was Two Digits Old
Genre: (Real, Hard) Science Fiction
Email address:
Formats: pdf, docx, paper, and audiobook

The book is free by contacting me, for those who want to make reviews. For those who just want to read it, it is on sale at Amazon for 99 cents for the next 5 days.

This book is ‘Real’ Science Fiction. It is about the first hyper-genius cyborg. I must warn you that the hero will never create a suit which can withstand an atomic bomb nor survive a fall from space. David wears, except for two scenes, sweatshirts (one scene was his marriage). Real geniuses have never worn armor, except in fantasy D&D games. Nor do you have real geniuses engaged in firefights. For various reasons, any firefight to the death has a mortality rate of 50%. You can’t live through many of those. Simply put, his wife will not allow him to shoot it out or arrange in hand-to-hand battle against a gun. That is ‘Real’. Given the age of the universe / Sol’s solar system / humanity and Moore’s Law (computer power doubles every 2 years), you will not see bipedal, human sized + 3 feet, aliens within 3 technology levels of homo sapiens. Sorry Star Trek and Star Wars, although they are fun. I tried to avoid tropes and memes. Although his mother has died, he was never aware of her, so there is no bitter memories nor loss there. He likes his step-mother. He loves his father – with a digital photographic memory, David knows what his father has sacrificed for him. His father is also not manipulative, nor power hungry. However, he does get frustrated by his son. Like most real parents. On the other hand, David has real emotions. He starts out with a full range of real 16-year-old issues (e.g., girls, status, friends). Warning: You might laugh or cry. Reality is like that.
If you want alt-reality SciFi, you might not want to read my works. However, if you like the notion of real, hard-SciFi, read on.
Linked to his computer at birth, David Klein's ‘meat’ brain was a mere add-on enhancement. Absorbing the complete Knowledge of Humanity was trivial. Solving the problems of the world was easy: almost free energy, 128 ZB (zettabyte) computer memory, flying (personal, airplane, and extra-planetary) trivial. But girls and other humans were beyond him. Even with all his knowledge, David needs to learn, through trial and error, to see himself as anything other than a monster. He gets help along the way.

message 3: by Greg (new)

Greg Hickey | 3 comments Allen wrote: "Author’s name: Allen Fleishman
Book title: The First AI Cyborg: The Infinite when it was Two Digits Old"

Hi Allen, sorry for any confusion in my original post. My plan was to organize a group of science fiction authors who would each contribute a book to a giveaway. All the authors would promote the giveaway to their audiences. That way, each author would get exposure to a much larger group of science fiction fans. I'm sure if you are looking for reviews for your book, you can find many interested readers on Goodreads.

message 4: by Allen (new)

Allen Fleishman (allen-fleishman) | 4 comments I do not understand your needs. Are you looking for paperback giveaway or would you accept a ebook? Or are you focused on 'promote'? But yes, I'm interested in thoughtful

message 5: by Greg (new)

Greg Hickey | 3 comments Paperback or ebook would depend on what the other authors in the giveaway prefer. I'm open to either. If you are looking to send give your book to many interested readers, check out They organize regular group giveaways that allow readers to download whatever books interest them.

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