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Dreamer's Cat
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA/Adult Sci-Fi. Read 15yrs ago (possibly published earlier?). Short story no more than 150 pages. Dream architects create worlds for people to experience in VR. People start dying in the dreams and a detective is brought in to solve. [s]

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Cavan  Walker | 2 comments I read this about 10 years ago. Short book around 150-200 pages. Dreamers lay down dreams on CDs for mass consumption, creating fantastic worlds in which the viewer experiences the dream content first hand and can interact with the dream. The dreamers are the rock stars of the future, with the dreamers creating the highest quality dreams gathering the greatest followings and status. The protagonist of the book is a famous dream architect. Things go wrong when people who view dreams start dying and detectives are brought on board to solve murders. If i recall right it turns out a cat companion of the protagonist is the murderer? That's all I've got! Hope this helps.

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Kat (tadpoledrain) | 131 comments This sounds oddly familiar, but I've got nothing. Following, in the hopes you find it!

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5111 comments Outrageous Fortune is too long, but it has a “dream architect.”

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Genesistrine | 365 comments The Night Mayor by Kim Newman has the dreams but not the cat culprit, for what it's worth...

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Ayshe | 4163 comments Dreamer's Cat maybe?

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Cavan  Walker | 2 comments Ayshe wrote: "Dreamer's Cat maybe?"

It's the Dreamer's Cat. Thank you so much Ayshe!

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