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message 1: by Lee (last edited Sep 08, 2020 11:26AM) (new)

Lee  (the Book Butcher) (butcherfromgeorgia) This book has the ability to shift ones world perspectives. it reminds me of when i watched the Matrix at age 12 and seriously contemplated if the world view showed in the film could be true. mind altering stuff at that age. I now wonder (skeptically of course) if all the fantasy worlds I've read actually existed. i could go to the physical place not just in my mind. if i could only find the door. think of every story, myth, or magic system coming from different worlds through portals is a fascinatingly fun exercise i have become consumed with when not listing to TTDoJ. that is what all fantasy readers truly dream of isn't. that the world you have entered is real if you could only find a way there. Haven't we all spent a little time looking for Narnia. then again that's the essence of a book it's a portal to another world. i know this is basic contemplations but we come full circle and I'm left remembering the fantasy novels i have read and the worlds left behind. TTDoJ brings back so many memories to a avid reader it's a gift far beyond the narrative of January and Mr. Locke.

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Lee  (the Book Butcher) (butcherfromgeorgia) then there is the Easter eggs! TTDoJ has so many little references to other works of literature and myths for all over the world. the obvious is the vampire. but there are more. jade cups of immortality, a compass that point to whatever you desire. what Easter eggs did you find?

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