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Blake walks in

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Blake runs out after reading a text

~TARDIS_Erin~{She~They} Jessie walked in and collapsed on her bed, staring at the roof.

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Blake walked back in, tears dry on her face

~TARDIS_Erin~{She~They} Jessie looks up, but doesn’t say anything. She sits back against the wall, staring at her hands.

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Blake lays down on her bed, worried

~TARDIS_Erin~{She~They} Jessie watches Blake. She looks up, and says, “Hey. I don’t think we’ve properly met yet. So, I’m Jessie”

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"I'm Blake" she said, looking at her dormate

~TARDIS_Erin~{She~They} Jessie have a tentative smile. “Nice to meet you”

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"Right back at cha"

~TARDIS_Erin~{She~They} Jessie smiled. “How long have you here for?”

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"A few days. You?"

~TARDIS_Erin~{She~They} “A few days as well. It’s so big here” Jessie trailed off.

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Blake's phone goes off and she checks it. Tears start to for, but then they stop as the sparkle in her eyes flicker away

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Blake leaves

~TARDIS_Erin~{She~They} Jessie watched, as Blake picked up her phone, probably checking a text, then left. She sat back, suddenly feeling kinkier then ever. She felt the familiar feeling of tears, but held them back, refusing to cry. She pulled out her laptop, plugging in her headphones, and turning up the volume to drown out everything else.

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