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message 1: by Monique (new)

Monique S. (monique1109) | 263 comments Mod
Hi Team Red, your Mod is Adela! A list of members will follow.

message 2: by Trisha (semi-hiatus) (last edited Sep 09, 2020 01:38AM) (new)

Trisha (semi-hiatus) (booksreviewsandprocrastination) | 329 comments Mod
Team Red:
1) Adela ✔
2) Chloe ✔
3) Tianna ✔
4) Maja ✔
5) Jazmin ✔
6) Amelie ✔

Check in with a Hi message to let us know you're here!

message 3: by Tianna (new)

Tianna hope (tiannasbookplace) Hey guys.

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) Hi everyone!

message 5: by Amelie (new)

Amelie Hi everyone! I’m really excited for this! I’m currently reading Five Feet Apart, and I have a couple of reviews to add to our reviews thread! :D

message 6: by Amelie (new)

Amelie I love The Folk of the Air series!! I hope you end up enjoying the rest of the books in the series! :)

message 7: by Amelie (new)

Amelie Cool! I think one of my favourite parts of that series was the enemies-to-lovers romance between Jude and Cardan! I thought it was done really well.

message 8: by Amelie (new)

Amelie Same!! :D

message 9: by Jazmín (new)

Jazmín Orcí (zelorc) | 11 comments I really love The a Folk of the Air. I’m currently reading The Midnight Lie and I’m loving it so much.

Trisha (semi-hiatus) (booksreviewsandprocrastination) | 329 comments Mod
I have checked all of you in!

message 11: by Amelie (new)

Amelie Thanks! :)

message 12: by Chloé (new)

Chloé Piper | 1 comments Hey guys I’m currently reading the Grisha trilogy ❤️

Trisha (semi-hiatus) (booksreviewsandprocrastination) | 329 comments Mod
Chloé wrote: "Hey guys I’m currently reading the Grisha trilogy ❤️"

Checked in! :)

message 14: by Amelie (new)

Amelie Cool! I really want to read Eliza and Her Monsters! I’m currently reading Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and This Savage Song, and I’m going to start Girls of Paper and Fire soon! :)

message 15: by Tianna (new)

Tianna hope (tiannasbookplace) Do re reads count?

message 16: by Amelie (new)

Amelie I’m currently reading The Mysterious Affair At Styles and I’m hoping to finish it soon! What did you think of The Wicked King, Adela?

Trisha (semi-hiatus) (booksreviewsandprocrastination) | 329 comments Mod
Hey, just so everyone knows, you can count all books read after the 1st of September (00:00 on 1st September) so if you missed out any books, add them too.

message 18: by Tianna (new)

Tianna hope (tiannasbookplace) I re read all 3 of the hunger games books this month. My reviews didn’t change but if you want me to link them i can

Trisha (semi-hiatus) (booksreviewsandprocrastination) | 329 comments Mod
Tianna wrote: "I re read all 3 of the hunger games books this month. My reviews didn’t change but if you want me to link them i can"

Did you do status updates or BR any of them? Or if you could just add a line or two and maybe shelve it as read this year/month, that would be perfect!

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