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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Post-Apocalyptic Romance series? Closed community, daughter of now-dead leader must marry their best soldier who she hates. Her best male friend taught her how to fight.

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message 1: by Vandi (new)

Vandi | 4 comments This book is about a post-apocalyptic world (100 years later?), focused on a closed community who don’t leave. The daughter of the community leader, who is now dead, has to marry the community’s best soldier- who she hates. She also has a best guy friend who taught her how to fight- and then she and the guy she hates fall in love. Pretty sure it’s a series also??

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Rainbowheart | 19093 comments When did you read it?

message 3: by Blue (new)

Blue | 834 comments Defiance

Some of the details you mention sound like this book.

Were there large worm like creatures outside the city limits?

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Lobstergirl | 39315 comments Mod
It is mandatory to include genre and plot details in your topic header, as per the Group Rules.

We will close threads that don't adhere to this requirement.

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Kris | 35176 comments Mod
Vandi, I added some details to the topic header/title, so your book might be recognized from that description alone. Many members only read the headers.

You can update it by clicking the small "edit" link after the topic header. This only works on the full Desktop website - not the Mobile website or app. (On the Mobile website, there's a "Desktop version" link at the bottom of the page.)

message 6: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 534 comments Is it The Queen of All that Dies The Queen of All that Dies (The Fallen World, #1) by Laura Thalassa

In the future, the world is at war.

For the last decade, King Lazuli of the Eastern Empire has systematically taken over the world. No one knows much about him other than a series of impossible facts: he cannot die, he has not aged since the conflict began, and he wants to rule the world.

All Serenity Freeman has known is bloodshed. War has taken away her mother, her home, her safety. As the future emissary of the Western United Nations, the last autonomous region of the globe, she is responsible for forging alliances where she can.

Surrender is on the horizon. The king can taste it; Serenity feels it deep within her bones. There is no other option. Now the two must come face to face. For Serenity, that means confronting the man who’s taken everything from her. For the king, it means meeting the one woman he can’t conquer. But when they meet, something happens. Cruelty finds redemption.

Only in war, everything comes with a price. Especially love.

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