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Miss Elma Hadly stood in the kitchen. A red flower apron Constance had made for her covered her front, as she was making roast chicken and boiled potatoes.

Constance a short, blonde six-year-old sat on the counter. In her hands, she held a chocolate chip cookie, which she was happily munching away. Her newly cleaned red linen dress was covered in crumbs, for she had not even tried to be clean.

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Irve was quiet as he walked in, looking around at his surroundings, as he hated interacting with incompetent children. With a hum, he walked up to Miss Hadly. "Can I have a cookie?" The normally serious male asks.

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Miss Hadly looks down, she smiles. She reaches up to a high cabinet where she keeps the sweets, out of Constance's reach. After taking down the cookie jar and opening the lid, she hands Irve a cookie. "There you go," she says and puts back to the jar.

Constance watching the jar disappear into the cabinet, her tiny head trying to figure out how to get it.

((Go to go to bed, see you all tomorrow))

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Irve nodded slowly, shoving the whole cookie into his mouth, as he never ever ate in his bedroom/lab. The male stepped back. "Thank you." He speaks before heading back to his lab.

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Aleya Tindra walks in, curious to see if her nose led her correctly.

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Elma Hadly shakes her head, she could already hear Constance tattling on one of the other children in her care. She did wonder what the young six-year-old happened to do this time. As well as who she did it to.

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"Miss Hadly-" Roxie stomped in, trailing creamy grey mud. "Miss Hadly, she poured mud all over me." Crossing her arms, she glared at Constance. Then again, Roxie was flirting yet again with another resident, even after Hadly told her not to.

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The woman smiles brightly at Roxie and Tindra, she picks up the roast chicken and the boiled potatoes. She was carefully to the dining room, trying to balance the food. Her red apron made by Constance protecting her from the food, in case it fell.
"She is only a child Roxie," "Do remember that."

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Aleya Tindra smiled brightly "thank you miss" after so long, she had still, never gotten out of the habit. She sat down, waiting for everyone else to join her. She didn't want to start without the rest of them.

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Aleya Tindra noded "of course"

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((Elma is in the dining hall))

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Aleya (ohh right)

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"But- Miss Hadly" Roxie sighed, following the older female reluctantly. Her eyes narrowed at anything that moved.

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Miss Hadly walks into the kitchen, she was holding a pile of plates and cutlery from dinner. She sets them into the hot soapy water, that filled the sink. Constance follows closely behind, singing a little song about cake and holding the remaining pieces of cake on the plate with both hands. Miss Hadly quickly takes the cake from Constance puts it on a high shelf so the little sweet loving 6-year-old couldn't get it.

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Aleya Tindra walked out (wearing https://www.pinterest.com/pin/8126886...) "good morning mam" she said kindly

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"Good morning Tindra," Miss Hadly said, she smiles at the girl, then looks down at Constance. The six-year-old was scowling and looking at the cake on the high shelf.

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Aleya (xd) "good morning Constance," she said cheerfully

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Constance grumbles and continues planning on how to get the cake, Elma sighs, Constance was always a trouble.

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Aleya Tindra turns her face back to Ms. Hadley "I was just about to head off to the garden" (i got school)

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"Alright, remember to wash up when you back inside," she says. Elma turns and begins washing the dishes, and Constance sat on the counter eating a cookie Miss Hadly had given her.

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Ash walked in, holding Ray, “Miss Hadly? This girl would like to meet you...her name is Zozo...Zozo Blake?” He tried to guess.

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"Alright," "Where is she?" the woman asked, drying her hands after finally finishing the dishes. Constance was attempting to tie her bright red shoe laces, but she was having trouble making her face a bright rosy colour.

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“At the front porch.” Ash smiled.

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"Okay," "I'll be out in a moment," she quickly helps Constance tie her shoes. A helps the little girl off the counter and sets her on the floor. "Do not get into trouble," "And please avoid throwing mud at Roxie or anyone as a matter of fact," she says and leaves the room to the porch.

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