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Miss Hadly walks into the dining room, and sets down the food. Drinks and plates were already in place for all the children, but the children seemed to be the one thing not in the room. She rings a loud bell for supper.

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((Her outfit

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Aleya Tindra gives a bright smile and walks in. "Thank you miss"

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Aleya Henry walked in, he had started walking down to the kitchen before the bell had rung, given his senses. "Thank you" he said politely as he nods and finds a seat.

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"Of course," "We just need the others to show up," she says, she sits down at the end of the table her hand in her lap. She hoped Roxie hadn't scared Constance to much. "Do you know where Constance happens to be?" Miss Hadly asks.

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Aleya Both shake their head

Elisa_Bookaholic (book-queen) Natalie walked in, her eyes glued to her book. She tripped over her own feet, but caught herself with a small laugh. Natalie smiled at Miss Hadley, finding a seat.

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Rox entered with a harrumph, plopping into a seat. All the dried mud cracked off of her, scattering on the ground. She picked at her fingernails.

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Aleya (whats happening?)

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Miss Haldy looks around the room, a few children were missing. She knew how to get Constance, but not other children. She thinks strongly about a short sentence in her head, "Constance, supper."

From the ceiling, a small body could be heard rushing down the stairs. A small Constance runs into the dining hall, she runs over to her seat, that was next to Miss Haldy.

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Aleya wrote: "(whats happening?)"
(( Supper and Constance dumped mud on Roxie making her very mad at her))

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Aleya (lol thats so cute) Tindra grinned at the sweet little girl rooted in her seat.

Henry gives a small smile.

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Roxie smirked, looking around at the various bowls on the table. She thought harshly before looking at her bowl made of bone, waiting for constance. "Thanks Miss Hadly." She smirked.

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Constance looks at them, her cheeks rosy from running. Her blonde hair was staticky, so she licks her hand and runs it over her hair. She then sticks the tip of her tongue out at the two, only to get tapped on the head none too nicely by Miss Hadly. Who had used Constance's own fork.

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Elisa_Bookaholic (book-queen) Natalie turned to her book, setting it in her lap. She had read the story many times before, but couldn't resist as she flipped through the pages quickly, the book almost completely in her memory. Natalie closed her book looking at all the others and over at a wall

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Aleya Tindra takes a small pice of chicken

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Miss Hadly helps Constance dish up her food and pours the little girl a cup of cold water. Constance motions to Miss Hadly, and whispers to her, "Thank you." Miss Hadly smiles and Constance beings to eat, and Elma does the same.

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Aleya tindra continued to eat.

Henry took occasional glances around the table.

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Elisa_Bookaholic (book-queen) Natalie finally looks at the plate in front of her. She studies the plate before picking at the food, her appitite not very big. Natalie's smile is on as usual as she begins to daze off, still slowly eating.

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Miss Hadly disappears into the kitchen and returns holding a chocolate cake already cut and fresh plates. She beings putting the cakes onto the plates and handing them out to the children.

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Aleya Tindra smiles thankfully "no thank you"

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Aleya Henry looked up at natalie, and then looked back down, then looking at the wall.

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(( I gtg, night everyone, sleep well.))

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Aleya ((gn!!))

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Elisa_Bookaholic (book-queen) Natalie glances happily at everyone around the table. She finishes her food, moving to picking at the chocolate cake, finishing without a crumple left.

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Elisa_Bookaholic (book-queen) (( Good Night!))

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Aleya Henry takes a few bites of cake, and then pushes the rest away. Tindra looks around the table, watching everyone finnish.

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Constance quickly finishes her cake, and steals a bite of Henry's cake. She sits back down in her chair, she was sitting backwards facing the hallway that leads to the kitchen. Miss Hadly smiles,
"Alright, three of you will come to help me in the kitchen," "And the rest of you I want to go tend to the garden," she says. "Constance you're going to help in the kitchen, so I can keep an eye on you, anyone else wanting to help me and Constance?"

kennedy [mackenzie] Braeden walked in. "Sorry, am I late?" he asked. He ran a hand through his hair, trying to get the remainder of the mud out.

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Miss Hadly smiles at Braeden, "Yes, but don't worry," "I'll leave some food out and a piece of cake," "The rest of us are about to start cleaning up," she says sweetly.

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Soft Key Marson had been quiet during the meal, as per usually. He simply ate without a complaint, thankful for the meal. Reaching for his glass of water, eyes still on his food, he grabs it, only for the cold material to simply float of his hand. Softly, he grumbles and flicks his fingers, just barely catching the glass when it dropped.

kennedy [mackenzie] Braeden smiled. He sat down, eating slowly. He took a small sip of water. Finishing up his meal, Braeden stood up, giving a small nod of thanks before leaving.

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