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Create your characters here, using the template. (Max of 2 characters per person)
Try to keep the genders even, basically try to keep the same amount of boys and girls

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First Name: Elma
Last Name: Hadly
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Power: Time manipulation
Appearance: Beautiful Black & White Photos of Women in Old-Fashioned, ca. 1940's | White fashion photography, Fashion photography, Fashion

Personality: Elma Hadly is a smart, patient, and care woman. She has great respect for children and wants the best for the ones in her care. She is also very good a keeping secrets since she kept her own powers hidden since she was little and till she could buy Green Island to protect children like her.
History: Elma Hadly grew up in London since she was little. Her older sister Sarah always wanted the most attention and to be the best. When Elma found out she could manipulate time, she started to keep to herself more and study more about science. She was amazing in school and often found it hard to make friends, as she became older she was more aware children like her were being killed for their abilities. So she earned enough money and build Green island, she told the government it was a place to trap the 'evil' children. Her true intention was to save the children and take care of them and so she has for many years.
Family: Father (Albert Hadly), Mother (Martha Hadly,) Older Sister (Sarah Maclean, she is married.)
Likes: Teaching, children, peace, books and nature
Dislikes: War, injustice, being misunderstood, anger.

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First Name: Constance
Last Name: Walliam
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Power: Mind-reader
Appearance: Pin by Forgotten Stories on mysterious benedict society | The mysterious benedict society, Red outfit, Blonde girl
Personality: Constance Walliam can be quite stubborn at times, she dislikes being told what to do. She is quite a good songwriter tho her songs are often made of rude rhymes. Constance has low patience and is quite a hand full.
History: Constance Walliam was abandoned at the age of 1 when her parent could no longer afford to take care of her. They left her in a box alone on the street, only with a large pair of red rain boots, a nit sweater and a red dress, none of the clothing would fit Constance for years. She was taken to an orphanage and grew up there till she was 2, on her second birthday she began hearing voices in her head of the other children around her. Miss Hadly found Constance while the orphanage children were playing outside and Elma was on a walk. She realized that Constance was talking to the children's voices out loud, Miss Hadly adopted Constance. Constance became one of the first children in Miss Hadly's Green Island Home. And has been living with her since, and now is 6 years old.
Family: Father (Unknown,) Mother (Unknown,) Siblings (Unknown.)
Likes: Poems, rhymes, sweets, arguments, and getting her way.
Dislikes: Being left out, the colour blue for some reason, loneliness, being told what to do, being told no.

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xavier W.I.P
(view spoiler)

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First Name: Irving
Last Name: Vernon
Age: 14
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Power: hemokinesis
Hemokinesis is the ability to manipulate blood. This power goes by many different names such as blood bending, blood control and hematokinesis. A wielder of this power will have the ability to manipulate and control blood; whether it be from oneself, other people and/or a variety of different blood sources.
in this case, he can only bend his own blood.
The History Place - Child Labor in America 1908-12: Lewis Hine Photos - Pastimes and Vices
Personality: As a young boy, Irve was very playful and laidback...until the incident. After the incident he became very closed off and short when speaking to anyone other then Miss Hadly, as no one could ever be angry at her, right? He's a tad snappy and uptight, not liking to be bothered by anything other then learning how to control others blood (Which he hasn't accomplished!)
Irve joined the Hadly's family when he was only ten his younger sister also tagging along. Being with them honestly helped him more then any other exposure. Eventually the male became more comfortable and relaxed until Bess' powers awoke. While he tried his hardest to prevent his sisters untimely demise, it was inevitable. so only at the age of five, Bess Vernon was buried on the wildflower hill nearby.
Bess Vernon
Games, science, math,
loud noises, harsh movements

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Approved, he is so cool.

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thank you lol

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First Name: Roxie
Last Name: Nelson
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Power: Osteokinesis
Osteokinesis is the ability to manipulate bone. This power goes by many different names, such as bone control, bone manipulation, controlled bone growth and extra-skeletal manipulation. A wielder of this power will have the ability to control, change and manipulate the bones of themselves and others.
Pin on wcw
Rox hates authority. the female also dislikes anything to do with going outside, as she is allergic sunlight. But Roxie is able to push it all aside and put on a smile, with a elegant nod. Her attitude can seem a bit fake, and even though it technically is, she refuses to agree to that.
*warning* mentioning of underage sexual engagement
(view spoiler)
younger sister (open!!)
Likes: flirting, making people flustered
Dislikes: her powers

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Approved, she sounds like a fun character.

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putting the history in spoilers to prevent triggerings.

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Good idea.

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Elisa_Bookaholic (book-queen) First Name: Natalie
Last Name: Tapste
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Power: Guster ( The ability to manipulate air)
Apperance: https://images.app.goo.gl/PV2spdEMW2G...
Personality: Natalie is calm and patience. She will never try to pick a fight, but she is also a bit bossy at times. She is usually perky and in a good mood. Natalie is constantly trying to help out and has a bit of a sarcastic side at points.
History: Natalie came from a not so bright family. Her father passed while she was 3. She had never really cared to be alone, so she was always with friends and never really went home. Although she was never home, her 2 little siblings loved going with her and she always took care of them, bringing them everywhere she went. Her mother worked 24/7, but was happy non the less. Her mother was rarely around and Natalie got used to taking care of herself. She came to the Hadley family, sadily leaving her little siblings behind with her mother, who had recently come into a lot of money and was able to leave her job.
Family: Mother, 10 year old brother, 12 year old brother
Likes: Books, Crafting, Sports
Dislikes: The color red, olives, people who are rude for no reason, being alone for long periods at a time

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approved. she looks cool haha.

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Aria wrote: "First Name: Mable
Last Name: Reynn
Age: 16
Gender: F
Sexuality: Lesbian
Power: inadvisability
Appearance: She has chocolate brown skin, with brown hair, Green eyes, is 5´6, and is average weigh..."

approved, did you mean invisibilty?

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Roxy_reads | 2 comments First name Maria

Last name lily

Age 7

Gender female

Sexuality straight

Power ice manipulation

Appearance messy orange haired, hazel eyes, tall, average weight, flecked face,

Personality she is shy, a book worm, cunning, lazy, witty, clever, chivalry, loyalty, ambitious, perseverance, selfless, imaginative, creative, impulsive,tends to follow the rules, analytical,

History her parents always got mad at her one day while she was in the garden reading a book later that morning her parents got angry about something that her sister did leaving her home after she ran away she discovered her powers

Family Mother: Bethany Father: Robert Siblings: Emily

Likes ranting, practicing her powers art, reading,

Dislikes bullies, boring books,

Other none

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xavier Hey Xaxa, can I make Roxie's younger sister?

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xavier Awesome!!! Thank you!

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xavier What's the history for the younger sister then? Was she with Roxie?

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yep! just be sure to add they joined the home 6 months ago. the sister was taken in by roxie when their parents left.

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xavier Got it!

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Aleya First Name: Tindra (means sparkle)
Last Name: Dalton
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Streight
Power: Control and make light
Personality: Whimsical, dependable, smart, for the most part, she is positive, elegant.
History: She was living happily at her home until she was 5 'people' disscovered her powers and took her here. She has been here ever since.
Family: Older sister (open!!) (she was 9 when tindra was 5 so, 21)
Likes: Flowers, outdoors, smiles, etc
Dislikes: Not much, besides arrogance.

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Aleya cool!

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Elisa_Bookaholic (book-queen) ((Oh that photo is soo pretty Aleya))

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Aleya (ty!! I try)

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Roxy_reads | 2 comments First Name: Austion
Last Name: petterson
Age: 8
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Power: super speed
Appearance: brown messy curly hair, brown eyes, tall,
Personality:friendly, short tempered, confident, work ethic, sarcastic, brave, smart, sneaky, adventurous, honest, stubborn,sincere, distrustful at first, reckless, compeitive,rule breaker, determined,patient,
History: in Rp
Family: Mother: Sophie Father: Oliver Siblings: none
Likes: studying, walking around outside, competing, nature, animals,
Dislikes: strangers, his powers, summer,
Other: none

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kennedy [mackenzie] First Name: Braeden
Last Name: Casper
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Power: can grow crystals from the ground

Appearance: https://pin.it/3ctllB9

Personality: Braeden is a very sweet person. He loves nature, and hates seeing people disrespecting it. Well, hate is too strong a word for Braeden. More like mildly dislikes.
Braeden can be extremely creative, but he never shows anyone his work, so I guess they'll never know.
He is not angered easily. Seriously. If you insulted him, he would probably just look at you wondering 'what are they saying?'
He doesn't use his power to benefit himself, rarely using it at all.

History: Braeden lived in a small, light blue house with his parents. He loved playing in their tiny garden, finding small insects and plants. One day, Braeden had been sitting out in the sun, when tiny crystals began sprouting out of the ground. They continued to grow until Braeden had removed his hands from the grass. By that time, they were about the size of a cherry.
Braeden didn't tell his parents about his newfound ability, not wanting them to worry.
His parents died due to yellow fever when he was 13, so he learned how to take care of himself.

Family: Mother- Victia Casper (desceased) Father- Grayson Casper (desceased)

Likes: plants, animals, art, open spaces
Dislikes: arrogant people, jerks, illnesses

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Approved sounds like a nice guy.

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*silently claims*

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Aleya First Name: Henry
Last Name: Gram
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Power: Supper senses (for example: can hear a lot better than normal, smell the slightest smell, taste the most flavorless dish, gentle touch, etc)
Personality: Very gentle and calm. Enjoys the outdoors and helping people, but he mostly keeps to himself.
History: As a boy, he was under the impression that his senses where normal. At about 11, he found this was not the case. His teacher was the first to note and helped him realize. Until she was arrested for withholding the information, and henry was taken to the home.
Family: parents at home with a younger sister (5) probably not even missing him.
Likes: Kindness, peace, bravery, food.
Dislikes: Brussel sprouts, being inside for too long, quickness to anger.

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Approved! I think he's awesome.

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Aleya cool! Ty!! 😊

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Everyone, check the character list and you'll find out who your characters share a room with.

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Aleya okie dokie :)

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Elisa_Bookaholic (book-queen) Okay!

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*throws hands up* WHY ALL THE CUTE BOYS-
Seriously tho Roxie will flirt with each boy once.

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Aleya haha

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Name: Storm
Last name: Stone
Age: 15
Sexuality: Straight
Power: Can Create any type of storm
Personality: Just can't stop worrying when shes not worrying she happens to be a very sweet and caring person
History: in rp
Family: Big Brother Steven
Likes: Winter, Animals, Nature
Dislikes: Eggs, Rainy days, and rude snobby people
Other: Is really good at making friends

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not approved. we need more male characters.

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Ya sorry Skye, we have a small ban on female characters at the moment. We are in serious need of male characters.

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Soft Key i'm currently working on one!

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Soft Key Name/ Marson Calflour
Age/ 17
Sexuality/ Straight/Demisexual
Power/ Gravitational manipulation: The ability to manipulate the gravitational pull of person, animal, object, etc.

Appearance/ Timothee Chalamet: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/5515502...

Personality/ Soft, if you could only use one word to describe Marson, it would be soft. Although he can be a bit too blunt, and too honest, Marson is only trying to keep his head down and avoid conflicts and socializing. The boy has anxiety and trust issues, let him be!

History/ France,
Marson had been torn away from his life of singing and entertainment all because his family couldn't kill him.
Marson loathes his friend's back at Paris, how they were blissfully unaware of the truth: that life was far more hideous, that it wasn't a blessing to be alive, no it was a horrid curse.
He had been sent here by his grandmother, the person who saved him from that monastery-cult in London. She had claimed that there was a lady, one named Miss.Elma who took care of people like him, that could love him. He didn't want to go, but of course he did, his grandmother would never lie to him!
And so he found the lady his grandmother whispered about to him, and he instantly knew why she had been like a saint to his grandmother.
He just wished that he could still sing for crowds and entertain.

Family/ Grandma Marie
Likes/ singing, old books and flowers
Dislikes/ wet sand, loud people, forgetfulness, crumpled paper.

Other/ Marson carries around a pocket watch, one with a case of golden, and some old French phrase engraved into it.

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oh okay

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Soft Key :D

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Full Name: Faris Ronan

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: He's figuring it out

Power: He can change the probability of things. In another case, this might be too op, but he has limits. He can only change the probability of small things. Like whether his dice roll on a six or not.

Appearance: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/6387371...

Personality: Faris is a little bit prickly, but he's mostly friendly. He's not the type to be happy all the time, but he will comfort you if you feel lost or upset. He's the big-brother type, and he can be a bit overprotective. He tries to understand others as much as he can, but if you cross him, he won't hesitate to put you back in your place.

History: Faris doesn't speak much about his past, but as a young child he was sold to many different places as a slave of sorts. He was treated like trash because of his albino hair and his odd red eyes. His second home burned to the ground, and the flames caused him to become blind in his right eye. He ran away as a thirteen year old, and, four years later, came across Miss Hadley's home. He's just started living there.

Family: No one that he knows of, though he counts the other kids here as his family, even though he just met them.

Likes: Games, hot drinks, running

Dislikes: Fire, people who act rudely toward him, ketchup

Other: He always carries around two dice with him, rolling them when he's bored or agitated

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