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An Edwardian House plan – 1905. – A Victorian Passage | Edwardian house, Interior floor plan, Floor plans

Floor 1

2nd floor Edwardian floor plan, Ohio home | Architectural floor plans, Edwardian house, How to plan

Floor 2

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- The one chamber on the first floor is Miss Hadly's chamber
- The chambers on the bottom left and right (second floor) are the girl's chamber
- The chamber on the top left is one of the boy's chamber, and the servant's chamber (top right) is the second boy's chamber
- The house is called "Green Island"
- The house can be found on a coniferous island, which is quite large.
- Land is over 200 miles away from the island.
- The children don't care about being trapped on the island, because the world wants them dead.

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