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Eric Schatz | 384 comments Mod
Excellent follow up to "Homegoing", one of my favorites from 2016. The author tackles the eternal questions (and tension) b/t science; religion; and faith. The narrator is a neuroscientist studying impulse control in wake of family issues with addiction and depression. The youngest daughter of a Ghanian family living in Alabama, she wrestles with her childhood religion; cultural upbringing; and racial tensions. Highly personal - the author was born in Ghana; raised in Alabama; and studied at Stamford - the book works through the big questions and leaves you wanting more.

Sandy B (sbenemer) | 130 comments I just got my copy in the mail today! Very excited to dig into this later in the month.

Sandy B (sbenemer) | 130 comments Just finished this tonight and I agree with your statement that the big questions are addressed, like questioning the existence and form of God through the eyes of a scientist who is also a brilliant young woman who faced so much tragedy and abandonment, that you don’t blame her for any skepticism. Yet she still finds a way to believe. It was a really thoughtfully rendered examination of religion/science that I haven’t seen in many modern stories. The conclusion wrapped up events too quickly, and I’d be keen on a sequel. 4/5 for me.

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