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Jalilah | 4451 comments Mod
The Witch of Blackbird Pond is the Young Adult winner of the Witchy themed September 15-November 14 group read!
In this thread you can write all the spoilers you want!

Katy (kathy_h) | 852 comments I haven't read this book before, and thought there would be more on the witch trials. Really a very minor piece of the book to me.

I do like that the book brings up issues of slavery and religious persecution in a way that would be good to discuss with younger readers. Is Kit a bad person because she doesn't understand that slavery is a horror? What about the prejudice in the town that has them accuse Hannah of being a witch.

Margaret | 3681 comments Mod
I finished the audiobook yesterday. I liked it okay, but it didn't hold up to my memory of the book. And yes, the witch parts weren't actually that much! Books that take place in the colonies make it seem like if you were a woman, if you were independent or opinionated in any way you could end up being accused of a witch or being branded as a harlot. This has to be at least a bit of an over-exaggeration!? Regardless, I'm glad I live today.

I thought it was a bit shallow in its portrayal of slavery and Native Americans. The author clearly disagrees with slavery, but Kit never really grapples with the horrors of slavery, or whether her slaves were happy/were human beings. And the Native Americans are just there to be the monsters in the woods.

I did like Kit overall though. I liked that she wasn't all good or all bad. She was nuanced, and I liked her and Nat's character growth.

Oh, Mercy's characterization drove me nuts! I don't need to see any more disabled people being portrayed as all good, perfect women. She's another Beth (from Little Women).

I liked Hannah and the little girl and the reading theme. Okay, gotta go, toddler is calling.

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