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The World at War: Poems from the Battlefield
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message 1: by D.S. (new)

D.S. Mac (dsmac) Hi GR Community, hoping you can help me.

So bit of context, in about 2014 when i wasnt the best version of nyself I wrote some poetry and entered a competition.
I didnt win however it was featured in a various author poetry book.

In have been searching for it for the last few years, with no luck at all as all i can remember is the title.

Thank you for reading, i look forward to hearing if you know or can find it.

message 3: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 39320 comments Mod
What's the title of the book?
What's the author's name (presumably your name)?

message 4: by D.S. (new)

D.S. Mac (dsmac) Title is The World At War and it was a bunch of poems by different authors. I cannot remember the publishers name.

message 5: by D.S. (new)

D.S. Mac (dsmac) Neither of them unfortunately Sammi

message 6: by Rosa (last edited Sep 08, 2020 12:27AM) (new)

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5206 comments Conflict: World at War, by Sarah Washer?

The World at War, by Rhiannon Baxendell?

The World at War: Poems from the Battlefield, by Cheryl Whitfield?

None are on Goodreads, unfortunately.

message 7: by D.S. (new)

D.S. Mac (dsmac) Rosa, im not sure its any if them however forward poetry as the publisher really rings a bell. I definitely think they are the publisher :)

message 8: by D.S. (new)

D.S. Mac (dsmac) Book has been found!!

Thank you for your help! I'm extremely grateful you have no idea!

been searching for years!

If any one is interested it is
The World At War: Poems from the Battlefield
ISBN13: 9781844186419  

message 9: by D.S. (new)

D.S. Mac (dsmac) seems Rosa was correct with the last possibility! I just noticed! thank you Rosa

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