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E.O. Odiase (nosa-odiase) | 25 comments Hey!

I hope this message meets you well. Just to let you know, the follow up to - A Cry to War, is due to come out on the 16th February 2021. We plan to send out the ARC copies for the second book - A Dance for The Gods, around the end of October.

If you are interested in getting an ARC copy, please reply to this message with your email address.


King Ewuare is dead; another King has been captured. Now, vultures are circling to devour the once-great kingdom, Mombaka. Across all five kingdoms below the Moon Sea, new alliances are being forged to replace old ones as Kings and Queens vie for power. After betraying and leading her husband to slaughter, Queen Meha and her son, Kendi, return home to collect her prize as she watches the little boy ascend the throne.

Princess Jamila remains in Amarea, navigating her way through an uneasy marriage to the Amarean Crown Prince, Gambo, with only her wits to aid her. Queen Idioba journeys deep into the mythical Agbon forest in search of a cure for the cursed Prince, Kamunde, facing many mysterious creatures on her way.

Foreign merchantmen arrive in Songhai, bringing a new religion accompanied by peace and prosperity on the one hand, and chaos and destruction on the other. Across the Moon Sea, Eweka climbs up the ranks in the Vulkan army, while Lehani travels across treacherous lands and stormy waters to have her revenge on him. Up in the cold mountains and the valleys in-between, the Orbs continue rising, gaining power and strength as the lighting god prepares to unleash the great war upon them all.

theindianreadingduo | 2 comments Hi. Can you specify how many pages the book has?

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E.O. Odiase (nosa-odiase) | 25 comments theindianreadingduo wrote: "Hi. Can you specify how many pages the book has?" The book is 360 pages long

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E.O. Odiase (nosa-odiase) | 25 comments Sameet Zahoor wrote: "Hi" Are you interested?

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