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Teresa Carrigan | 2526 comments Mod
This thread is for nominations for LIMITED category for October 2020.

LIMITED books are books that are unlikely to be available to all members. Typically these will be Indie books, but can also include books available only as ebook or from a single vendor, or books only available in a few countries. The general rule of thumb is if it doesn’t qualify for READER, then it should fit into LIMITED.

Must be
* currently in print in at least one format, either ebook or physical book. Requiring a special order from a store or website counts, but not if the book is only available used.
* Books posted to be read online count.
* Kindle Unlimited books count.
* Space Opera, which means a spaceship has to be involved in the story somewhere.
* If it is part of a series, it needs to be suitable to being read without having read other books in the series.
* Please no blatantly erotic books, as some of our members are not full adults yet.

* you may nominate one book on this thread.
* you may second as many nominations as you like on this thread.
* it is okay to nominate the same book on more than one nomination thread, as long as it meets the criteria
* books we already have on our bookshelf will be disqualified
* If a book you nominate or second is selected, you are expected to post at least one comment about it on the thread about the book.
* In about two weeks I will draw a book randomly, with each second being one raffle ticket for the book. That is, a book with three seconds (so four of us want it) will get three chances in the pool.

It is likely helpful if you know something about a book that has been nominated if you mention it in this thread, whether it is for or against the book.

message 2: by Teresa, Plan B is in Effect (new)

Teresa Carrigan | 2526 comments Mod
Nominations will close on the 22nd. At this point it appears we won’t have a pick for this category- which is fine since we will have two picks from the other categories.

message 3: by Teresa, Plan B is in Effect (new)

Teresa Carrigan | 2526 comments Mod
Nominations are now closed. No Limited Pick for October.

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