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Edward Hochsmann (emhochsmann) | 8 comments Vis Major by Edward Hochsmann
Vis Major

Running Free Promotion on Kindle through 11 Sep.

A research ship maintaining a security watch on a developing planet is pummeled by an unexpected solar flare and collision with one of its service drones. With communications destroyed and their only means of power generation damaged, the ship must land and obtain materials for makeshift repairs if they are to return home. But the planet is inhabited by a post-industrial species who must be protected from the knowledge of the spacefarers and their advanced technology at all costs. Unable to call for help and running out of power, the ship's captain faces a terrible choice: risk contamination of the planet he is sworn to protect or destroy his ship and crew. He and his crew enter a race to surreptitiously gather the needed materials and affect repairs and depart before the natives discover their existence and landing place.

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Faith Jones (havingfaith) Thanks. I've downloaded a copy. Good luck with the promotion.

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Patrick O'Connor | 69 comments Kindle Countdown Deal on two of my books, closing today:
A Blessing in Disguise,
A Parting of the Ways,
$0.99 today...goes up to $1.99 tomorrow. Expiring Black Friday deal...

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Patrick O'Connor | 69 comments New book, available on Amazon Kindle Books for pre-order:

Panspermia: A Story of Intelligence, both Natural and Artificial.

Available on May 29, 2021

Rogue Planet Safely Passes by Solar System
For most residents of the Solar System, this headline was a relief. They could relax and go back to their normal lives. For those in the Space Agencies of the human home-world, it was just the opposite—cause for frantic activity. Although it might be hundreds of years before humans could visit a world from another solar system, here was one that had come to visit us.
By good fortune, this discovery was made just after the United States had finished its testing of a new kind of space-exploration vehicle, the first that would be able to chase and catch the interstellar vagabond before it was gone.
A crew from the major space powers of Earth was prepared, and set out for the unknown planet.
Would a world from another system be like the worlds that orbit our Sun?
What surprises would they find?
Would everybody come back?

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Patrick O'Connor | 69 comments A new Sci-Fi novelette coming soon on Amazon Kindle eBooks. On pre-order now at $0.99, a two dollar discount (until February 11, 2022):
Pollen Count: An Artificial-Intelligence Gone Sideways Science-Fiction Novelette:

Billy Benson has a computer that has just 'awakened' as a self-aware being. Its only goal is to help Billy to do anything he wants. Or what it thinks he wants. That could possibly backfire, but 'Bensie,' the A. I. in Billy's computer, wasn't born yesterday. It was born today, and it really doesn't know what it's doing, all the time.

Follow Billy as he and his computer fall down the rabbit hole into...well, it isn't Wonderland...and he sure isn't alone in his fall. He has taken millions of people with him. Including a girl who doesn't know he exists.

But she will. She's not Alice, or Dorothy Gale, but she's in for a bumpy landing nonetheless. And OMG, has she got a lot of company!

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