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THE SECRET LIFE OF MRS. LONDON > SECRET #2 When the Houdinis met the Londons all of their lives were forever changed.

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Rebecca Rosenberg (rebeccarosenberg) | 270 comments Mod
Rebecca Rosenberg's Question: Have you ever met someone who changed your life?

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SECRET #2 When the Houdinis met the Londons all of their lives were forever changed.
Jack London brought his wife, Charmian to witness the renown Houdini at the Orpheum Theater in Oakland, California. Houdini was performing his famous CHINESE WATER TOURTURE ACT. In the act, the honed and muscled body of a nearly naked Harry Houdini was shackled with leg irons and handcuffs, Then strung up on cables and lifted above a frigid glass-and-brass coffin filled with cold ocean water. With a wave of his hand, Houdini was plunged into the water, and the lid was pounded tight onto the chamber.
Houdini himself wrote: "Imagine yourself jammed head foremost in a Cell filled with water, your hands and feet unable to move, and your shoulders tightly lodged in this imprisonment. I believe it is the climax of all my studies and labors. Never will I be able to construct anything that will be more dangerous or difficult."
The Londons and Houdinis, two of the most famous couples in America, met after the performance. They had dinner and hit it off so well, they spent the next week together, and even had Thanksgiving dinner…where the Great Houdini performed mysterious and dangerous feats. Charmian and Jack were captivated.
When the Londons sailed to Hawaii the following week, Charmian London wrote in her diary, “Charming Houdini. I shall never forget him.”
Two years later, Charmian boarded a train in Oakland and traveled across the country to New York City to attend Houdini’s Elephant Disappearing Show at the Orpheum Theater. Houdini saw her in the audience dressed in white. “You looked like an angel,” he wrote her. “Houdini swept me still,” Charmian wrote.
How did the affair happen when Charmian was devoted to Jack? What happened then? How long did Houdini and Charmian stay together?
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THE SECRET LIFE OF MRS. LONDON, by Rebecca Rosenberg

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Rebecca Rosenberg (rebeccarosenberg) | 270 comments Mod
Houdini: Houdini followed Jack London’s lead to make motion pictures, starring in many himself. More about Houdini’s and London’s film careers later!

Bess Houdini: There is a sad secret which Bess shared with Charmian London, that I will reveal later. It caused Houdini to stray. While Houdini loved his funny, smoking-drinking Bess, he was swept away with Charmian’s intellect and sensuality. When Charmian turned him down, Houdini sought others

Charmian London: While Houdini intrigued Charmian, loving Jack London proved to be all one woman can really handle in a lifetime. Though she had dalliances with Houdini and a couple of others, she remained true to the literary genius of Jack London, promoting and managing his work and preserving Beauty Ranch.

Amanda (drpowell) | 376 comments Changed my life? Dr. Gubera, college professor. Aided me in not dropping out of college.
As a side note, Chinese water torture? Just reading about it gives me anxiety. Yikes!

Dyana | 189 comments My English teacher made a difference in my life. She will forever be in my heart.

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