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Nanda Rajanala | 2 comments I would love readers interested in YA general fiction to help provide your valuable inputs on my work - One Summer In An Indian Village.

The story is of a young girl, Renu, who wants to save her school from being demolished due to the crooked dealings of some greedy and powerful men. Things take a turn for the worse when a politician linked to shady land dealings is murdered. A seasoned police inspector gets cracking on the case while Renu works to get back her school. Will Renu succeed in her mission?

The book suits adults too and has a total of 80000 words.

Some familiarity with Indian culture and landscape may help to better understand the context and enjoy the characters. Generally, I am looking for my readers to see if they love the story and appreciate the usual things that should go with a well written book. All kinds of good and hurtful feedback are welcome!


Nanda Kishore Rajanala

madhu mangapoti | 1 comments Send me the details ra.. I will read and let you know the feedback.

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