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Heartstopper: Volume One (Heartstopper, #1)
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Monthly Reads > #11 Heartstopper vol. 1 - Sep. ‘20

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message 1: by Charlotte ✰ (new)

Charlotte ✰ (charmknz) | 217 comments Mod
Hey guys! Here is the thread for september read: Heartstopper vol. 1 by Alice Oseman. :)
Heartstopper Volume One (Heartstopper, #1) by Alice Oseman

Juuso | 43 comments I have waited to read this! I really hope it happens this month!

scout (annabettyjx) | 339 comments Mod
i probably won't be able to read the book of the month this month :( even though you can find it free online, i really only enjoy physical copies of books! hope you guys all really enjoy, and make sure to keep updating -- the group has been a lot more dead lately even though we have new members.

Raynah | 49 comments Heartstopper seems like such a cute graphic novel. I just put a hold on a digital copy of the book, and I'm second in line so hopefully I get it soon!

scout (annabettyjx) | 339 comments Mod
hi!! so i finished volume one and im about half way through volume two already hah!! didn't think i was going to read this but loved it so much, i really recommend you all to read it!! it's just amazing.

message 6: by Charlotte ✰ (new)

Charlotte ✰ (charmknz) | 217 comments Mod
just started reading this and its super cute! i've never read a graphic novel before so its defintely different but i'm quite enjoying it :)

side question: does anyone know when it transitions from vol.1 to vol.2 ? I'm just reading it through the tumblr posts and idk if there's gonna be a thing that declares the end of vol. 1 ?

Raynah | 49 comments I just finished vol. 1 and it was really good! The story is very cute and I'm excited to read vol. 2 once my library gets a digital copy of it. I also enjoyed the artwork.

message 8: by Charlotte ✰ (new)

Charlotte ✰ (charmknz) | 217 comments Mod
yeah the artwork was awesome!

scout (annabettyjx) | 339 comments Mod
oh if you’re reading it online:

chapter 1+2 is volume 1
chapter 3 is volume 2
chapter 4 is volume 3

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