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The Deal (The Mafia Proposal, #1)
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September 2020: Other Books > (Poll Ballot Tally) The Deal by Talia Ellison - 2 stars

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annapi | 4916 comments Talia Ellison has some juvenile fantasies, and bloodthirsty ones at that. In this quasi-Romeo and Juliet story, Arianna is the last surviving member of the Monti family, who was wiped out by their biggest rival, the Ezzatis. Now Arianna has wiped out most of the Ezzatis, except Jason, the son of the man who killed her parents. She takes his sisters and mother hostage, and offers him a deal - marry her and change his name, wiping out the Ezzati name forever.

Ellison comes up with the most contrived and simplistic situations for her characters. This one was a tad bloodier than the previous two I read, and she keeps waffling with her characters, trying to make them badass but still hoping to win the sympathy of her readers. The result is just a lot of eye-rolling corny dialogue and laughably unbelievable (even within her fantasy world) situations. And again she goes BDSM-very-lite with the sex - why she even tries to go there I don't know, but all she can do is dip a pinky toe in and then back out. At least in 50 Shades of Grey they went big and bold. (And for the record, 50 Shades was so much better than this, and that tells you how bad this is.) I think I've had enough of the mafia tag for this challenge, at least for a little while. For sure I've had enough of this author.

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NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 5008 comments Anna, thank you for saving us all a lot of time reading these books. Speaking of BDSM, well M only - I think you might be a little masochistic for continuing with this series. But thank you.

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