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rimskur | 207 comments Mod


if you have a question about anything group related, need help clarifying something then go ahead and ask! and please remember that there are no dumb questions. please ask me anything! if you have any suggestions that you would like to add, put them here! if something is bothering you and you would like for a change, put it here or PM one of the mods. thanks guys!

message 2: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful)

what time period does the rp take place in?

message 3: by E M M A , mama bean (last edited Sep 07, 2020 04:52PM) (new)

E M M A  | 139 comments Mod

roaring 20's baby! the year is 1922, between ww1 and ww2.

message 4: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful)

hehe thank you
rip my poc girlie

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shinra | 75 comments

so hear me out...
telegrams??? or would it be letters????
and collab overview !!

message 6: by rimskur (new)

rimskur | 207 comments Mod

hiii so we're gonna hold off on doing telegrams/letters until we get some rping done! don't wanna distract too much

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