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The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble's Braids (Amra Thetys, #1)
Read-Along – Week 1 > What In The World? – Bloodwitches, Nighttime Intruders, and the Eightfold Bitch

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message 1: by Justine (new) - added it

Justine (its_justine) | 38 comments Mod
There's a lot of strange ongoings and even stranger mentions of mysterious concepts.

– Have any thoughts on Mother Crimson and her reference to the mysterious Eightfold Bitch and her blades?
– How about the *shudders* grey-skinned, corrosive-blooded, hate-inducing...thing?
– Did you catch anything else you're curious to learn more about?

Beth Tabler (scottveg3) | 9 comments Mod
Tons and tons. The hate inducing, corrosive blooded thing is pretty intriguing.

message 3: by AB (new) - rated it 4 stars

AB | 11 comments So my theory is; the Eightfold Bitch is the Goddess of whatever ancient religion the magical frog statue is from, and she's none too happy that her temple got destroyed and her statues were stolen.
The grey monster thing is either one of her 'blades', or some kind of demon that the bad guy summoned.

Also I think Amra is sensitive to magic in some way, which must be rare because it seemed like neither of the mages expected her to sense them doing spells. That could be the same reason that the grey demon thing made her feel the hatred.

Is anyone else shipping Amra and Holgren? Cause I definitely am!

message 4: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason Aycock | 20 comments Mod
OK yeah the weird grey skin thing that tried to climb into Amra's home has definitely got my curiosity going. And I'm wondering if the hate inducing bit was something it gave off, or something innate in Amra...because it seems obvious she's magic sensitive to some degree.

And of course I'm curious about the statue and whether it has any auras or powers. Holgren seems to find it interesting but isn't giving anything up about it yet.

And I'm really curious about the magic wielding inspector. Like why's he working as a civil servant? There's more to that dude.

Bloodwitches...wan't to know more about them.

Peyton | 15 comments The bloodwitch was interesting! I hope she comes up in the story again because I’d like to know more about her powers. Also “Eightfold Bitch” is a hilarious name.

I don’t think the gross creature actually caused Amra to feel such hate towards it. I think the wired toad idol was the cause. It makes more sense if the cursed idol causes people to want it/kill people over it so it effects their emotions when someone threatens to take it away.

message 6: by Peter (new)

Peter (goodreadscompeter_hutchinson) | 6 comments The bloodwitch was an interesting little part, I am interested to see if she appears again and what exactly she can do...the "Eightfold Bitch" is a hilarious name. I don't know what to make of the grey skinned monster thing - will have to wait and see if it is one of the blades or something more sinister.

The weird gold statue, well it i weird and seeming to have an affect on Amra and possibly other people who come in to contact with it?

message 7: by natrosette (new) - added it

natrosette | 6 comments I laughed at the mention of the "Eightfold Bitch"... I have no idea what the bloodwitch was talking about, but I'm sure we'll find out it had some meaning at some point. The monster thing is most likely under someone's control, but it would be interesting if alternatively it was just drawn to the statue. I agree with the others that Amra is magic sensitive and so her reaction to the monster could be something that other people don't experience.

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