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The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble's Braids (Amra Thetys, #1)
Read-Along – Week 1 > The Unremarkable Thief – Let's talk Amra.

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Justine (its_justine) | 38 comments Mod
Oh, Amra, you brazen and outwardly ordinary thief, you. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our leading lady, Amra Thetys.

– Are you finding her to be a reliable narrator?
– How do you feel about the first person POV?
– Are you a fan of main characters subtly breaking that fourth wall?
– What do you love about her?
– What do you not love so much about her?

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*Tau* | 2 comments Just took a look at all the questions and will come back later to answer them, once I've read a bit more.

Already learned something new: "breaking the fourth wall".
Never heard of it before.
For those who don't know what this means, here's an interesting link: ;-)

message 3: by AB (new) - rated it 4 stars

AB | 11 comments If she broke the fourth wall, I didn't notice.

Loving everything else so far.

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Jason Aycock | 20 comments Mod
So far I'm really liking Amra.

Reliable narrator: Um...I don't see any reason why not to find her reliable at this point. I mean, at least as far as she knows about what is going on.

First Person POV: I tend to like this POV. I know a lot of people don't, but it really helps get inside a character's head. I also like the fact you have to experience the story with the character not as an omnipresent invisible third party.

Breaking The Fourth Wall: I actually don't mind this either. It makes for an interesting narrative and again allows you inside the head of the character in new ways.

What do I love about her: Hmm...I think that I love that she is ordinary. Or at least not highly skilled AND beautiful. Most people are somewhat ordinary and we don't see this for characters in books. And maybe she isn't ordinary. McClung kinda paints her as ugly maybe being short, with scars, and boyish...but that doesn't need to be ugly. Again it can be normal and makes her more interesting to me. I feel like I need to know more though.

What Do I Not Love About Her: Hmm...ask me again later. So far I don't think I have any negatives.

Beth Tabler (scottveg3) | 9 comments Mod
Are you finding her to be a reliable narrator? Yes, thus far. Her experiences seem true and she isn't lying or hallucinating that I know of.

How do you feel about the first person POV? I enjoy this POV, it allows me to get into the characters head more than other POVs.

Are you a fan of main characters subtly breaking that fourth wall? I haven't seen that yet, or maybe I just missed it. But normally that is fine with me if it works within the story.

What do you love about her? Moxie. Give me a character with moxie and I will cheer them on.

What do you not love so much about her? She has made some naive choices that are going to bite her in the ass.

Peyton | 15 comments Reliable: so far she seems pretty reliable, but it seems like that toad thing has been messing with her head. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes less reliable.

POV: I always like first person POV, and I think it is done well in this story. I didn’t notice any extended thought explains.

Fourth wall: I love when characters break the fourth wall! It gives the character a new dynamic when it feels like they’re telling you the story rather then you just reading their thoughts.

What I like: I just love a good thief heroine. I love that many of her best traits are subtle, like how she cares for the dog despite not liking dogs. I also like how she discusses her past. She’s had a difficult life, but isn’t hung up on it.

What I don’t like: I disliked her comments on her own appearance and that of other women. I think the usual “boyish-looking” = ugly and jealous of other women is over used.

I also didn’t like that she decided to show the golden toad to everyone she met after she found it. It seemed a bit amateur since any one of those people could recognize it’s obvious value and/or tell the killers who are after it.

William | 12 comments I'm not a fan of 1st person! I always feel suspicious, like they're trying to sell me something. That said, Amra seems mostly honest, her truths unflattering enough to be believable, but I'm left wondering why she's telling me this story. Who am I, in this narrative? Is this a memoir for her... well, she doesn't have any children (or seem likely to want any). Or friends. What sort of person would she reveal all this to? Why is she telling this story? I don't know, which brings me back to suspicion.

I tend to overthink 1st person.

Mohit (readsomania) | 1 comments Narrator: Yes I am finding her a reliable narrator thus far.

POV: I love first person POV, one of my best novels of all time is a first person. Generally in this type of novels you get to know more about characters shortcomings and that makes them more relatable.

Breaking The Fourth Wall: It depends on how it is written.

PROS: She is cautious, smart and likes to plan things. But she threw all of that out of the window for these events. She contradicts her nature at every turn.

CONS: Hmm, that would be that she is being stupid for the time being.

message 9: by William (last edited Sep 08, 2020 07:59AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

William | 12 comments Mohit wrote: "Narrator: Yes I am finding her a reliable narrator thus far.
She contradicts her nature at every turn."

I hadn't thought as much about that, but you're right... I don't think she's a deceptive narrator, but perhaps she isn't that reliable after all. She presents herself as a cautious, selfish loner... but at every turn she has friends she shows concern for and she helps others.

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Peter (goodreadscompeter_hutchinson) | 6 comments I am really enjoying reading this, Amra is an interesting character to be following! Thieves are sometimes very compelling characters!

I am finding Amra to be an okay narrator - reliable so far and I like first person narrative - it puts you in the mind of the character and the action can be great.

I love how adaptable she can be and has been so far - she's cautious and a loner and breaking the fourth wall?? Will have to see how the story progresses...

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natrosette | 6 comments I enjoy first person POV exactly for the fact that it's so easy to see things from the narrator's perspective rather than how they actually are. I don't think Amra is particularly unreliable, but I agree with William and Mohit that perhaps she sees herself as a more serious and careful person than she actually is-- at least when it comes to things she really cares about. This seems realistic, since most of us have misconceptions about ourselves,

I haven't really noticed her breaking the fourth wall all that much, but I do generally like it when characters do, so long as it's not over the top.

I love that she's a cool loner thief but doesn't think of herself as such and she doesn't mind asking for help when she needs to.

I wish I had a better idea of her background, but I suppose that isn't a complaint directly about her character. I do wish she would be a little more thoughtful and careful, but I suppose that wouldn't make for as good a story.

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