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message 1: by Maja (The Moonlight Reader), The Head Mod :) (new)

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) | 642 comments This is for the solo participants to post their books, and see if they can beat their score from the last challenge! The solo players are:
-Rose (don't tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass)

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)
Matched (Ally Condie) - 369 pages
Buddy Read: No
My Review

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)
The Language of Flowers - 323 pages
Buddy Read: No
My Review

message 4: by shea (new)

shea I think the books need to be books you read in September? I’m not sure though

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) How about those I started in August and finished in September?

message 6: by shea (new)

shea Hmmm.... I will ask Maja

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Rose's points (currently): 18

message 8: by rose - 忻怡 - (last edited Sep 26, 2020 06:48AM) (new)

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)
                                  ROSE'S SEPTEMBER BOOKS
                               ~ a tracker to keep track of my progress

                                                       Current points: 60


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