The Dark Forest (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, #2) The Dark Forest question

How did Luo Ji destory the star?
raghav  R raghav Sep 06, 2020 05:15AM
When he casts a spell, how did the dummy star explode? Did another random alien civilization see the star was 'blinking' and then decide its a threat and destroy it?

The blinking was a code, think something like morse but based on math (derrived by logic, it has a name, but i dont remember or it was not mentioned).
The code was a map of stars, their position and distance from one another with the target in the centre and highlighted and that implied it was source of the signal (it is impossible to find source with transmision alone unless it broadcasts more than once, triangulation).
So aliens recieved a map of stars and their position and the target. They compared their maps of stars and determined where that star was in reality (not just on map).
Why they did it is kind of a plot twist of the book, but point is, Sun blinked and send a target for a different star.
Actual destroing was described as something like "massive projectile travelling near-light speed impacted the star" and that supposedly caused massive solar flare, leading to overall eruption.
If you need clarifying on anything, just ask :)

raghav R So the solar flare from the sun destoyed the planet?
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