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Buddy-Read for Sisters of the Vast Black novella

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message 1: by Eva (new)

Eva I hope it's okay to make a dedicated thread for this: in the TBR thread, several people expressed interest in buddy-reading Sisters of the Vast Black for the novella prompt, so this is where you can share your impressions.

Please hide any spoilery stuff with a spoiler tag. :-)

I haven't started it yet, but I'm looking forward to it, it seems very unique and full of ideas.

REMEMBER UKRAINE NOW ReadingReindeer (readingreindeerproximacentauri) | 8 comments I purchased this a couple days ago and would like to start reading tomorrow.

message 3: by Warner (new)

Warner (warnerb) | 4 comments Hi I finished this and am looking forward to the discussion.

message 4: by Coleton (new)

Coleton Winters | 3 comments Purchased it this morning

message 5: by Eva (new)

Eva I've just finished it and loved it. It had some fantastic characterization - each of the sisters has their own arc and character development despite of the short length. The biological ships were also super cool (although a little gross), and I loved the whole world-building background with the war between Earth and the colonies, and the bitter-sweet ending.

I hope everyone else enjoys it as well, it seems to be a bit divisive among my GR friends.

message 6: by Ricardo (new)

Ricardo | 3 comments I really enjoyed the overall tone, weirdly gothic. The ships were cool and yes, a bit gross. But I thought the last quarter was a bit rushed and I wouldn't have minded if the entire novella held the same contemplative mood.

message 7: by Leticia (new)

Leticia (leticiatoraci) | 11 comments It was a five stars read for me! This is my review:

This was a bit slow paced the first two thirds of the book, but perhaps this was due to the contemplative nature of nuns who would think all ramifications of their actions towards religion, God and the greater good?

The characters were very interesting and multi-layered and you get to know and relate to each of them closely. I especially liked to read about the Mother Superior.

This Novella also had very important themes which made it to transcend the space opera conventions into a deeper contemplation of politics, freedom and society.

message 8: by Eva (new)

Eva I felt the same way, Leticia. You've put it much better than I could have.

message 9: by Leticia (new)

Leticia (leticiatoraci) | 11 comments Thanks! Sometimes I get inspired ;-)

REMEMBER UKRAINE NOW ReadingReindeer (readingreindeerproximacentauri) | 8 comments Here I am, firmly on "Team Sisters..."
I was extremely impressed. Nothing I didn't appreciate. I had just a few days earlier read and enjoyed A Case of Conscience, which focuses on similar themes: religion, faith, history, hierarchy, belief, logic (plus alien viewpoints). So I've HG ad my mind doubly stretched this past week. :)
Here's my review:

message 11: by Marita (new)

Marita | 1 comments My first impression was that there are too many characters and that the story goes in too many different directions. But it all came together beautifully and the themes tackled were even bigger than I thought at the beginning of the novella.
Really spectacular, I`m glad so many people put it on their TBRs and inspired me to listen to the audio book.

message 12: by Reija (new)

Reija (thebookfinch) | 8 comments I have just received a copy from the library. So I am finally able to start as well. :)

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 14 comments Ricardo wrote: "I really enjoyed the overall tone, weirdly gothic. The ships were cool and yes, a bit gross. But I thought the last quarter was a bit rushed and I wouldn't have minded if the entire novella held th..."

I'm in the same boat as you, Ricardo! I really liked that slow, contemplative mood of the first 2/3, whereas the last part didn't work for me as much - it felt rushed and illogical in a lot of places (especially regarding the medical science). I can totally see how the opposite would be true for lots of other readers, though, so Leticia's review makes sense as well! The themes were probably my favorite part of the novella.

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