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The most unpleasant place within the walls, this area is also called the Hole. Troublesome inmates tend to be thrown in there and forgotten about, until the guards have decided that they have learned a lesson. Complete isolation changes a person, and inhuman offenders are no different. Guards are posted in the hallways, but contact with inmates is severely limited.

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When Edmund first came here, people made a literal bet on how many days he could survive before getting killed, being a human and all. He was a tall, skinny human, practically destined to be devoured before lunch. Yet, here he was, one and a half year later, alive. The people who made the bet? Choked to death on their own blood vomit. Fatal internal bleeding. And so on, so on. Edmund then spent three months in solitary before he saw another person that wasn't the ghost of his young self. Nine collective nose bleeds later, he spent another two weeks in solitary. Then someone's entire blood circulation on one hand was cut off for so long they had to amputate this person; 3 weeks of solitary. Then some other blood-related conveniences that cost him each eight to ten days of solitary. He'd practically spent one-third of his time here in solitary already and no one knew why he hadn't completely lost his mind (maybe, for the sake of joke, let's pretend he couldn't lost what he didn't have on the first place).

To say that Edmund was bored would've been true yet an understatement, he didn't want to go out easy. He wanted to make a grand exit, the biggest constant fuss he could've done. His time was limited, being human and all, and sixty, seventy years might be Edmund's entire life span but for others, it would've passed in the blink of an eye. Sure he was here to receive unfortunate life as consequences of his action, spending weeks to months in shackles that prevent him from using his power which was useless because why would he even bothered using it while he was locked in solitary anyway. Sometimes he really pissed the guards who took him here so much that he would've ended with a thick black bag over his head or cloth gag around his mouth until one day they eventually remembered that he needed food and water eventually. Edmund always found it hilarious that they would taunt the inmates to the brink of dying before doing something, then repeat - and then didn't see themselves as criminals as well for their way of handling things around here. Their lives had become reduced to being lead from cage to cage to cage.

Today he sat on the cold floor with zero furniture again, just with shackles, he was being uncharacteristically quiet when they dragged him here. Also, uncharacteristically physical because instead of using his power, he bit someone's ear, tearing the flesh out. New approach, he was trying things out here. The cell itself was, like always, dark and empty with the only source of light being the light from the hallway that made their way into his cell through the small barred window on the cell door. He could've opened his eyes wide but it would have made no difference if they were closed, he could see nothing. He had been sleeping on his sitting position, back against the wall and crossed legs on the floor, and awoken from his induced slumber, quite nauseated as well, and enclosed in chill darkness when he heard the door being opened. Wow, how many days did he sleep already?

But it wasn't the same guards who escorted him that was standing in front of his cell and now inside his cell, door closed and locked behind him. Edmund stood up and he still had to look up at Clyde. That tall, quiet bastard, what was his big sinister secret?

"Eh, you don't want to know." Edmund shrugged off as a response to Clyde's question. "Isn't this like, the very opposite thing of being in solitary?" He asked, circling his finger between them made the chain than connected his wrists dangled and echoed. "Not that I'm complaining, five more minutes and I would've been pulling out my teeth one by one and shoving them into my ass." Edmund continued, but then he pretended to just realising that he was shackled and therefore his hands' movements were very limited. "Well, humanely I can't reach the hole down there but you know how hyperbole works."

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"So, are you jealous that you can't do that or what?" Instead of answering Clyde's question, Edmund asked - taunted - him back, railing him up. Why did human beings - and whatever Clyde was - need answers? Partly, Edmund supposed, because without one, almost any one, the question itself soon sounded silly, and Edmund wanted the last laugh. He always have been.

Clyde FitzAllan stared at him, indifferent but hostile. He waited in the silence, absolutely refused to be the victim, he'd have the other guy had his own mind doubted itself. Bigger question like this, question with more than one answer, questions without an answer were harder to cope within silence. Once asked, they didn't evaporate and left the mind to its serener musings. Once asked they gained dimension and texture, trip you on the stairs, wake you at nighttime. A black hole sucked up its surroundings and even light never escape. What is your purpose? - oh, you'd wish that better then to ask no question, better then to be a contented pig than an unhappy Socrates.

"With all due respect, which is none," Edmund wanted him to lose his temper, to question why was his happily settled, happily happy jail house coming under fire from a human who he had to put up with without a word of reproach. He wanted him to struggle in his mind with all kinds of defences. Should Edmund be hurt? Surprised? Should he laugh it off? He wanted to ask question that won't leave Clyde FitzAllan. Something cruel to expiate his own anger and to justify himself. What are you doing, Pierce? Everything. Everything and nothing. It had been proven to be quite difficult with these people; difficult because it was too damn easy. "Are you here to interrogate me, kill me, or do something very monstrous to me?"

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