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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA(i think), paranormal, suspense. Teenage girl befriends a ghost at a hotel, starts modeling for a man who is staying there, when he tries to get her to pose naked the ghost pushes him off a cliff. [s]

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Emma | 3 comments I read a book more around 14-18 years ago where a girl moves to a hotel or motel because her parents bought it. She decides to start running every morning. There is one morning where it rains and she sleeps in and she thinks about how nice it is to sleep in for once. I don't remember if anything specific happened because she slept in or not. She meets a ghost who used to live there, its been an inn for a long time. The ghost girl looks exactly like her.
The ghost girl died a century or more beforehand from a botched abortion but it never actually says that specifically. The ghost girl says that she had a boyfriend who was an "artist type", she got pregnant, her boyfriend left, she said she "didn't want to have a baby with no father" so she talked to some lady who worked at the inn at the time and she said there was a lot of bleeding and the lady told her to lie down for a while and then she woke up dead. She also said she enjoys scaring guests by rocking the rocking chairs in their rooms.
The living girl makes friends with the ghost. She gets two similar looking dresses and gives one to the ghost girl who is able to do something to it to make it a ghost dress.
One day the living girl is practicing basketball in her driveway when she noticed a man has been snapping pictures of her. He's one of the hotel guests. He suggests she start modelling and that he and his girlfriend are going to do a photo shoot and that she should come along. He tells her not to tell her parents because they would jump to the wrong conclusions and wouldn't understand. She tells her ghost friend and an old lady who stays there. They start by doing photos inspired by paintings. The first one is Christina's World. I think his vehicle was a Volvo and a convertible but I could be wrong about both of those. The next day they do another painting recreation photo. I cant remember the title but from what I remember of the description it might have been Luncheon in the Grass without the men. The photographer's girlfriend poses as the naked woman and the girl poses as the woman in the water. Later the ghost girl who is suspicious of "them artist types" snoops in the photographers room and finds the picnic photo. She confronts the living girl over what she calls a "nudey picture." The living girl insists that its fine because she was dressed in the photo. She also asks the photographer's girlfriend how she's ok posing nude for photos and the photographer's girlfriend tells her she listens to music and focuses on that. The photographer tells the girl he thinks she should make an exercise video for girls and she agrees. They go out to a location with a cliff. The photographer's girlfriend feeds the main character a pot brownie but the character doesn't know that there's anything in it. She wears the dress she has that matches the ghost girl's in between shoots. She does her exercise video (in a leotard I think) and the photographer tells her her next costume is in the trunk. She goes to the trunk and finds nothing but a mask and a wig. She says there must a mistake her costume isn't there. The photographer replies while fiddling with his camera that it is her costume and with that mask and wig even her own mother wouldn't recognize her. He tells her to hurry before she comes down off her high. She says "my what?" Then she sees the ghost girl wearing the matching dress push the photographer off the cliff. The lady she told earlier about the modeling was painting nearby because she wanted to keep an eye on her and saw the whole thing but assumed the main character had been the one who pushed him. She took the girl home and told her she did the right thing (pushing the pedophile off the cliff) the girl tried to explain it wasn't her but couldn't. Actually the photographer's girlfriend might not have been there that time, it might have been the photographer who gave her the pot brownie. Because I remember the girl was worrying about breaking the news to his girlfriend. The story ends around there. The pedophile's body isn't found by the end of the story. I think it was raining or misty so they were able to say he slipped.

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Emma | 3 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "Ghost Story"

Thank you! That's it!

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Rainbowheart | 16164 comments Awesome, glad to help out!

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