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Dune (Dune, #1)
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Buddy Reads > Buddy Reads: DUNE by Frank Herbert | September - October 2020

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message 1: by Verity (new)

Verity Moon (veritymoon) | 2 comments Good day, everyone! Comment down if you want to join in buddy-reading Frank Herbert's magnum opus, Dune. We will start on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, which is also the release date of the first trailer for the Dune movie [remake] adaptation. We will end on October 31, 2020, and sure you can finish the book ahead of the deadline.

Feel free to comment anything about the plot of the book. And please tread lightly so that you won't be spoiled about anything.

Dune is divided into three parts. Here's the planned schedule:
> 1st Part (Dune): September 9 - 22, 2020
> 2nd Part (Muad'dib): September 23 - October 6, 2020
> 3rd Part (The Prophet): October 7 - 20, 2020
> Further Discussion about the book's appendices: October 21 - 31, 2020

I hope we can enjoy this book together! Use the hashtag #DuneBuddyReadsPH on any social media platform.

message 2: by Odracir (new) - added it

Odracir | 3 comments Count me in, bro. I'm already on Book 4!

message 3: by Verity (new)

Verity Moon (veritymoon) | 2 comments Odracir wrote: "Count me in, bro. I'm already on Book 4!"

Alright! It's just you and me here. I'm still on page 114 though (of book 1)! LOL.

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