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message 1: by Juuso (last edited Sep 16, 2020 07:04AM) (new)

Juuso | 35 comments Mod
Here you can make your student.

Gender (if you want to put it)
Magical power?

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Hello, I’m Aoife. I’m 13 years old. I’m a panromantic asexual demigirl. I can shape shift and mind read. If you have any questions about me then please ask.

message 3: by Juuso (new)

Juuso | 35 comments Mod
Age? 14
Name? Grayson
Sexuality? Pan
Gender (if you want to put it)? Male
Magical power? I do not know yet, but i will think about it :D

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Hello Grayson!

message 5: by Juuso (new)

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☾BookishAbby☾ wrote: "Hello Grayson!"


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Should there be any other things we say about our characters?

message 7: by Juuso (new)

Juuso | 35 comments Mod
☾BookishAbby☾ wrote: "Should there be any other things we say about our characters?"

If you get any just tell me!

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Hello, more about it Aoife.
She is a Gemini
She loves to read, paint, play the piano, photography, and mythology. She is a Slytherin. She comes off as shy but is actually really nice and is very outgoing with friends. She can be stubborn but she is very accepting to people. She also has a good sense of humor but only jokes with friends.
She has blue, wavy, and short hair. Her skin is very pale and she has freckles. She is 5’4. She has turquoise eyes. This is how she usually looks but she can shape shift so her appearance does change. If there are any questions about Aoife I’ll answer them.

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Oh, I forgot to mention. She is a SUPER skilled fighter and can fight with almost any weapon, she is also exceptional skilled at controlling and using her powers. But she doesn’t have many friends. And she doesn’t have that much of what you’d call people skills but she’s helpful and kind.

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》Xavier《 | 4 comments Name)) Aislinn Ryans (Ash-lynn)
Nickname)) Ash

Age)) 15
DOB)) Capricorn ♑
Zodiac Sign)) January 10th

Gender)) Female
Sexuality)) Bisexual

Appearance)) but she has she has hazel-green eyes and no horns or tail
Clothing Style)) Kind of like this;

Personality)) Ash is introverted and quiet on the outside, but extremely mischievous, impulsive, and fun-loving on the inside; she absolutely loves pranking people, starting food-fights, causing playful and funny mayhem, and eating. No seriously; she’ll automatically love you if you give her milk chocolate, coffee, a squishy, or mochi. She also has a very very unhealthy addiction to coffee but I wouldn't recommend trying to stop her. She is in great need of a responsible mom friend 😂. She absolutely hates losing and is the protector of all cinnamon rolls. No questions.

Skills)) pranking, gymnastics; just flipping and cartwheeling all over the place really, sharpshooter (*cough*with water guns and arcade laser guns*cough*)
Power)) Aerokinesis
Weaknesses)) Coffee, chocolate, her recklessness, her extremely short temper when it comes to protecting people she cares about, and etc

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Aislinn/Aisling is an Irish name like Aoife! :)

message 12: by 》Xavier《 (new)

》Xavier《 | 4 comments Yeah!!

message 13: by 》Xavier《 (new)


message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Birthday: May 25, 2005 (she is 14, not 13, oops)
She plays soccer, Gaelic football, and does gymnastics.
She loves sour candies and sweet treats. She has s a vegetarian.
She is super competitive.
Personality type: INTJ
Enneagram type: 5
She is from Ireland.
She sings very well but doesn’t sing in public.

Ashi✿TheAvidReader Name : Kashish
Age : 13
Sexuality : She isn't sure.
Gender : Female
Appearance : Shoulder-length, black curls, dark brown eyes, a wide mouth always stretched in a grin, and she wears black, heavy, cat-eye spectacles. And she has FABULOUS nails.
Personality : Gentle, kind, is always ALWAYS polite aka Hufflepuff, shy and awkward around too many people. She had a stutter, but now it only comes back when she's very emotional. Never has been good at performed arts or public speaking ( because spotlight bring anxiety brings stutter) but she's a great artist.
Powers : Can alter or cause some one pain.

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zoe ♡ (zoereadswithfairies) | 2 comments Name: Carmen
Age: 14, born on the 7th of March 2006 - making her a pisces
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Appearance: Her hair is fairly long (it reaches about halfway down her upper arm - very specific lol) and is light brown / dark blonde. It’s quite thick and wavy. Her eyes are mostly blue but with flecks of green and brown. She’s 5ft 3” and her pale skin is dotted with freckles all over her body. She likes to wear a lot of dresses and skirts and her style could probably be described as dark cottagecore.
Personality: A Ravenclaw but with a lot of Hufflepuff traits. She’s very loyal but can therefore be a bit clingy and is quite sensitive. She loves reading and writing and enjoys her own company but does need to be around others regularly to keep her mood lifted.
Powers: If she is within 5 metres of someone, she can feel the nature of their soul, their type of personality and such. And if she touches them, she can feel their true emotions.

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Name : Bianca
Age : 15
Sexuality : straight
Gender : Female
Appearance : She has Black hair till the shoulders with bangs . She is 5'5 . Has Brown eyes. Mostly wears jeans and hoodies,.
Personality : She likes being around people, and loves to talk. She doesn't like people putting her or her friends down. And can turn really violent If she wants to.
Magical Power : Can manipulate others minds.

message 18: by katie ❀ (new)

katie ❀ (whisperngpages) Name - Willow Evergreen

Age - 16

Sexuality - Pan

Gender - F

Appearance - Willow has light green, wavy hair that reaches all the way down her back. She has an unusually large amount of freckles and round glasses. Her eyes are bright green with little flecks of gold. She usually dresses in knit, oversized sweaters and a pair of light pink yoga pants. About 5’2.”

Personality - She is manipulative and sly despite her innocent appearance, and can only be described as a Slytherin. She loves animals and plants, and cares for them. However, she has a weakness for cake. Tiramisu, to be specific. Willow loves to paint, read, and work on her self-defense skills in her spare time. She has lots of friends and is the queen bee of her school. And she is stubborn as a donkey. She always wins. Every. Single. Time.

Strengths - animal expert, extremely agile, is good with a dagger, likes to stab people

Weaknesses - cake (as mentioned before), stubbornness, too reckless, likes to run straight into danger

Powers - Telekinesis

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Juuso | 35 comments Mod
-ˏˋKatieˊˎ- wrote: "Name - Willow Evergreen

Age - 16

Sexuality - Pan

Gender - F

Appearance - Willow has light green, wavy hair that reaches all the way down her back. She has an unusually large amount of freckles ..."

Sounds cool!!

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Grace (gracy_z) | 8 comments Name - Elora
Age - 14
Sexuality - Straight
Gender - Female
Personality - Elora is bubbly, sweet and loves meeting new people. Her endless curiosity and studious nature means she's a typical straight-A student. Caring deeply about her friends, she is constantly looking out for them and is known as the "mom" of a group. Her strong sense of responsibility means she is a strict rule follower and can be uptight at times. Secretly, Elora longs to go on a fantastic adventure and wishes she was brave enough to break a couple of rules in the process. While she might be stuck at the Academy of the Lost for time being, Elora knows that one day she'll live that crazy life she's always wanted...
Magical Power - Plant Manipulation, Potion making

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Okay, great, hi Elora!

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Hayden (thewiltedpetal) Age? 16
Name? Arabella
Sexuality? Pansexual
Gender (if you want to put it) bigender (she/her and they/them)
Personality- INFP. Hard working and quiet. Has very little friends, but knows a lot. she works on self defense daily and people go quiet when she speaks. she always obeys the rules and is willing to help anyone. she is very brave and is always ready to take on the world. she doesn't go around making friends often, but she's always ready to listen when you have a problem. she is really good at singing and writing.
Strengths- empathy, singing, writing, and really smart
Appearance- long red hair and green eyes. tall and muscular. she wears mostly jeans and hoodies.
Magical power- can control the elements.

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Juuso | 35 comments Mod
All these new ones sound cool!

message 24: by Juuso (new)

Juuso | 35 comments Mod
All these characters are cool! Can everyone go to the folder Dorms and the topic Dorms and leave their characters names and the person they would possibly like to share dorm with?

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age: 126
Name: Alastor
Sexuality: straight
Gender: maile
Magical power: fire' the ability to twist reality' make peoples line of sight go to a blur and a lot of others
Other: im part deer so i have antlers ears and a tail.

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Age? Otherwise it is really good!

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Also please tell the magical power...

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Juuso | 35 comments Mod

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

there u go

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Thank you! Not sure how you gonna make that age work haha

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well i was born in the 80,s

message 32: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 16, 2020 08:06AM) (new)

then i died and became a cannibal then i became a wendigo then i died and became a demon

message 33: by Juuso (new)

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But your body is still young?

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

yes but i died when i was in my 30's

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Juuso | 35 comments Mod
Okay. Would you like to have dorm with Grayson (my character)? My character is male too

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

and dose it matter were i start in the RP?

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Juuso wrote: "Okay. Would you like to have dorm with Grayson (my character)? My character is male too"


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Well there is only our dorm (not even it yet), but i will make others too later. I will make one topic for request too so you can give some there if you want to.

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Juuso | 35 comments Mod
I will make our dorm now :)

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Name: Gwen
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Age: 17
Power: can manipulate shadows to do whatever she wants
Personality: sassy, rebellious, loyal
Other: loves animals!!!!!!

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Name: Sally Slender
Sexuality: Bisexual, but prefer girls
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Personality: although a Killer, she will protect those she is close to, if interested she will come to you, She enjoy a good challenge and a chat or two.
Magical power: Puppeteer, can fade threw things.
Other: Sally came to The academy to find a way to fit into society. She has black tentacles on her back that can be moved as external limbs or arms.

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How old is she and is it okay if she can’t kill people with a snap because that seems a little over powered. But she can still be very good at fighting and have another power.

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

I fixed it, is it usable now?

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

Yep, but please don’t use your puppeteer power too often :)

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message 49: by Shawn (new)

Shawn | 2 comments Age: 19
Name: Liliana
Sexuality: straight
Gender: female
Magical power: Necromancer

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Actually, can you add her personality and looks too?

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