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The Blank of Blank and Blank Book Titles

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message 1: by Eskana (new)

Eskana Have you noticed this? There seems to be a contagious habit in books recently (especially YA, it seems) to be titled "The/A ____ of ____ and ____."

I feel like it may be a lingering effect of the popularity of Game of Thrones (aka "A Song of Fire and Ice"), but it just seems to be everywhere.
Example: I am currently reading "The Girl of Fire and Thorns," and I noticed a plethora of others while at the library.
Have you noticed these? Comment with it below so we can have a comprehensive list and get to the bottom of this...

message 2: by calliope (new)

calliope Kind of late, but Children of Blood and Bone, the Shadow and Bone trilogy, Girls of Paper and Fire, the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy.

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