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message 1: by Rheanna (new)

Rheanna (goodreadscomuser_rheanna) Kinda. A lot of fantasy books are pretty similar predictable so I would say those are overrated but there are really unique ones like Six of Crows which I would say aren’t overrated. For me, fantasy will rarely become my favourite book/series whereas magical realism or ever contemporary books are much more unique and more likely to be favourites. I don’t know if I really answered the question lol.

message 2: by Carrie (new)

Carrie  (icanhasbooks) | 2 comments Fantasy is fantastic. I think it' just that all the YA fantasy that comes out seems to follow a similar path. The blank of blank and blank.

message 3: by Rebekah, ~Gone :"( (new)

Rebekah (bekahkc) | 734 comments Mod
I used to be obsessed with fantasy when I was younger. Nowadays I feel like a lot are just annoyingly similar and have all the same tropes of like the "chosen one" who's pulled into this new world of magic or whatever... idk. But there are definitely some really good fantasy books out there. Mistborn, The Ranger's Apprentice, and The Books of Bayern are ones I really like.

message 4: by Sofia (new)

Sofia (sofloaf) Fantasy is definitely a hit or miss. Some books are INSANELY creative (Crooked Kingdom), while some are just... the same old same old repetition of tropes I've seen a hundred times before. But I love fantasy anyway :)

message 5: by ally, 嗜书人 (new)

ally (celaena_coin) | 1013 comments Mod
Totally agree!! I used to stay clear of fantasy, but now I've been reading so much fantasy. I feel like all of the "popular and hyped books" are fantasy!!!!!

message 6: by ally, 嗜书人 (new)

ally (celaena_coin) | 1013 comments Mod

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