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Drowning in the shallows
This topic is about Drowning in the shallows
A comic satire for those who need some escapism

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Dan Kaufman (dankaufman) | 2 comments My debut novel was published this year – it's a comedy about a bar reviewer/schmuck who's trying to mend a broken heart (and grow up) while having to report on bars and celebrity parties for the dying newspaper that he works for.

My publisher made the first three chapters free for anyone to read – the link is:

message 2: by William (new)

William Taylor (hallibfan) | 5 comments Nicely done Dan. I sailed through the 3 chapters easily, chuckling at your premise and full of anticipation at how you might hatch the promise of the pregnant-with-possibilities situations you so cleverly and humorously presented. This is indeed a rib tickler. Tanner Maxfield, author of "The Short Cruise of The La Brea Tirpitz And Other Curious Events - Or, The Real Truth About Delaware."

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Dan Kaufman (dankaufman) | 2 comments Thanks Tanner – much appreciated!

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