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Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult fiction. Woman kidnaps men to train into gentlemen. [s]

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message 1: by Jacquelin (new)

Jacquelin | 9 comments I borrowed this book from a friend during 2009-2012. It’s about a women who kidnaps uncouth men to lock in her basement and then trains them in various topics such as the proper way to behave/treat a lady. Once the a man is deemed ready he will be given an exam to ‘graduate’. Which is taking the woman for a night out and if he did not make any mistakes, he will be free to go back to his life.

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 33251 comments Mod
Jacquelin, what's the genre or tone - e.g., humor, satire, romance?

message 3: by Jacquelin (new)

Jacquelin | 9 comments Honestly, I have no idea which genre to class it as. Definitely not humor, no romance either (tho I might be wrong, I read it long ago and the details are pretty blurry). The main character just seemed to have to a huge contempt for men, to the point where she wants to brainwash them into her ‘ideal’ man. She literally locks them in a cellar with shackles and everything and taught them the way she thinks they should behave in different situations. I can’t exactly remember the tone either, perhaps sardonic?

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Kris | 33251 comments Mod
Can you tell us more about the woman (e.g., age, job, how she meets these men)?

What's the location (country, region, well-known city, small town)?

message 5: by Jacquelin (new)

Jacquelin | 9 comments I don’t remember her job but she seems to be in her late 20s, early 30s. I have have an impression of it being it a big city in America. I think she just picks up men who offended her, eg. was rude to her at a bar. There wasn’t much detail on the abduction process, the book started out with the men already locked up and being schooled.

I also think the book cover was pink with a cartoonish illustration that was reminiscent of a Sophie Kisella book.

message 6: by Pixiegirl105 (new)

Pixiegirl105 | 152 comments I have this book but i'll have to try to find it....it's something like "Miss "something"'s School for Men or School for Gentleman. I read it around 2006 or 2007

message 7: by Pixiegirl105 (new)

Pixiegirl105 | 152 comments I found it! Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys

See if that's what you were thinking of.

message 8: by Jacquelin (new)

Jacquelin | 9 comments Omg! I think this is it. Thanks so much!!

message 9: by Pixiegirl105 (new)

Pixiegirl105 | 152 comments Glad to help! It was so unusual that I knew it had to be it :D

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