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Nico I read this book when I was a kid; it probably came out between 2000 and 2010. The genre was YA Fiction, maybe geared towards the younger end of the spectrum. It was a chapter book but had some illustrations scattered throughout. I also believe it was the first of a series. The book was published in the US and written in English.

It was about two siblings who are forced to go with their parents to an elderly relative's home (I think grandfather but can't be sure) and are told to do some exploring. The grandfather also may or may not be deceased. The house is in the countryside or somewhere remote and they have a big yard/meadow. When the sister explores she finds some clue hidden underneath an especially creaky plank in the staircase. The next night when she goes exploring again, her brother scares her with a shrunken head (mannequin I think) in the middle of the night. I believe there was also a piano somewhere in the house.

They also at some point find a clue hidden in the back of a picture frame. I think the father took them in to a store to get it appraised or looked at and the kids found a clue.

For some reason I think the sister's name was Elizabeth and the brother's name was Jonathan but I could be wrong; in fact I probably am wrong, so take that with a grain of salt. The sister was the older sibling.

I also think the treasure was a green butterfly/dragonfly brooch or pin or something to that effect, and somehow they saved the day.

Note that some of these events might have happened in a later book in the series as I'm not sure if I read more than one.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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