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What are you noticing about the writing in your book?

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message 1: by Hyclak (new)

Hyclak Hyclak | 2 comments Mod
In my choice book Red Queen, the author, Victoria Aveyard, is using a lot of appositive phrases to add description of people and places. In the first chapter, the main character is walking through the town pickpocketing unsuspecting villagers. Aveyard sets up the scene using commas to set off the descriptive phrases: "Down the street, at the crossing of Mill and Marcher roads, the crowd thickens and more villagers join the current. A gang of kids, little thieves in training, flutters through the fray with sticking, searching fingers" (3). By utilizing the appositive structure, Aveyard details the setting first by explaining the main character is looking at an intersection of two roads. By adding the fact that the main character is at a crossing, the reader can infer that there is an increased amount of traffic, making it easier for the main character to pickpocket. In the next sentence, Aveyard again uses an appositive to describe the "kids" as "little thieves in training," which illustrates to the reader that stealing is a way of life in this community that kids have to learn from an early age in order to survive. In these two sentences, the reader is given short phrases of description that really define the world being created and the rules by which the characters have to live.

message 2: by Eden (new)

Eden | 2 comments In my choice book Max, the author, Jennifer Li Shotz, is using a lot of flash backs to describe the past and describe Justin's brother. You dont know much about the character but you learn more about him as more and more of his past gets uncovered.

message 3: by Maddi (new)

Maddi Gude | 2 comments In my choice book, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. The writing has a tome of remorse and regret to it. She also uses flashbacks to set up what happened to the main character's past as a child and their mom. Tartt also sets the book up as if it was a jpournal or letter

message 4: by Jackson (new)

Jackson O’Brien | 2 comments In my choice book, “Beartown,” the author, Fredrik Backman, wants it to be clear that there’s one thing that is crucially important to the town. That one thing is Hockey. There are several examples of this in the first few chapters. The first is, “All the love this town could thaw out was passed down and seems to end up devoted to the game: ice and boards, red and blue lines, stick and pucks and every ounce of determination and power in young bodies.” Another one is when hockey is referred to as survival for Beartown. “Hockey is becoming more that hockey, its becoming tourism, a trademark, capital.”

message 5: by Najee (new)

Najee Washington | 2 comments In my choice book "The Devil's Intern" the author Donna Hosie writes in a tone that readers will feel like there are in hell with the the main character Mitchell Johnson. Also a way the other used tone was when she described how demons and other people in hell treated him when he first got there

message 6: by Kaleb (new)

Kaleb Brazzle | 2 comments In my choice book "After the game" by Abbi Glines , I noticed there is a lot of dialogue in the writing.Its really intresting to see the charters tone and the way they view their situation.

message 7: by Mark (new)

Mark Hambrick | 2 comments In my choice book "Homeboyz" by Alan Sitomer, I noticed there is a lot of modern language in the dialogue. The language is very descriptive and engaging. I also noticed the characters go through all these challenges in the beginning of the book and I'm interested to see the character development throughout the book.

message 8: by Joey (new)

Joey Baldwin | 2 comments In my choice book "Age Of bronze A thousand Ships" by Eric Shanower. I saw that be used lots of direct dialog. This makes the novel very straightforward. I also found out that the author uses a very old style of speech in the book to match the style of the story but I think he is really good at it.

message 9: by Zachary (new)

Zachary Garcia  (zach009) | 3 comments In my book "The Death Cure" by James Dasher. I realized that he uses a lot of flashbacks and memories and he tries to make you feel like you are the character and he does a good job of that

message 10: by Sammy (new)

Sammy Hernandez (sammyhz) | 2 comments In my book "The Rapture" by Liz Jensen the author goes into specific detail just to explain how one character acts, thinks, and goes about her life throughout the book. I notice the author uses quiet a bit of foreshadowing and goes to the future and back in time quite a bit.

message 11: by Cc (new)

Cc | 2 comments In my choice book "Flowers for Algernon" the author is writing as the main character writing in his journal. The main character is special needs and the author makes spelling and grammar mistakes. The author is mainly writing the characters inner thoughts and about his daily life.

message 12: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Morgan | 2 comments In my choice book KUBO or Bleach something that catches my attention is the fact they translate everything to English besides the name becuase the names usually translate to a important word or phrase that describes the character using figurative language or even as an object that represents them in some sort of ways this is common in a lot of Japanese literature especially manga and even sometimes it happens in the real world in modern day japan.

message 13: by Gabe (new)

Gabe | 2 comments in my book "The Night Shift" by Stephen King the author is very descriptive bout the surrounding the characters are in as to make it seem like you are there as well experiencing what they are.

message 14: by Bode (last edited Sep 14, 2020 09:49AM) (new)

Bode Thielen | 2 comments In my book, Playing For Pizza the author John Grisham really likes to cut off the characters dialogue with off topic questions one of the other characters asks to steer the book in a different direction.

message 15: by Janelle (new)

Janelle Pshichenko | 1 comments In my choice book," Looking for Alaska" by John green. The author is very good at explaining what is happening at that very moment. He makes sure the reader understands what's going on by using very descriptive language. The author also makes sure to introduce new characters so it is very easy to follow the story.

message 16: by Noah (new)

Noah Greer | 3 comments In my choice book The maze runner scorch trails the author creates suspense in the book and like to leave the reader with question at the end of the chapter. Also the author likes to refer to the characters past memories in the maze.

message 17: by Tori (new)

Tori Gammage | 2 comments In my book "The Cellar" by Natasha Preston. The author uses a lot of ways to describe and use detail when explaining what the cellar looks like and feels like and how the other people the the man kidnapped act.

message 18: by Logan (new)

Logan | 2 comments In my book “Open Ice” by Pat Hughes, the writing in the book gives an emotional feel but it also gives it a very oh whats going to happen next type of feel throughout. I like it because I can keep asking myself, what’s going to happen next?

message 19: by Reagan (new)

Reagan Ward | 1 comments In my choice book "When" by Victoria Laurie, the author pauses the story and describes each character with very specific details. They even talk about how the main character and the person their describing relationship was in the past and how it affects the story.

message 20: by Wyatt (new)

Wyatt Kiess | 2 comments In my choice book "Asylum" by Madeleine Roux, The author chooses to switch between a narration from the main character to a narration of the third person perspective.

message 21: by Zachary (new)

Zachary Garcia  (zach009) | 3 comments In my choice book "The Death Cure" by James Dasher I noticed he is very good at keeping secrets making you sit in the edge for what happens next and he waits until the last moment to tell you he also narrates in third person not by second are first person

message 22: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Aybar | 2 comments I am noticing that in my book "I am a Seal Team Six Warrior" the author has been being extremely descriptive about every experience he is explaining.

message 23: by Noah (new)

Noah Greer | 3 comments In my choice book "Maze Runner Scorch Trails" the author likes the reader to question parts of the book and likes to create suspense in the book.

message 24: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Morgan | 2 comments I have noticed that when the author kubo is writing for Ichigo the MC it tends to be a darker more gloom look onto the world he is writing about.

message 25: by Dylan (new)

Dylan Hastings | 2 comments I have noticed that the author speaks very intelligently and keeps bringing up that we don't understand much about the way we think.

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